3 Part process to help you manifest

I'm here to share an amazing thing with you!

A 3-part process that will start helping you to manifest your desires.

Hello my dear friend, this process has helped me with many desires that I have manifested over the years. And up to this day, I still rely on this process to manifest the things I want, and keep my wish list going! Because you know how it is, when we manifest something we move on to the next, and the next! Life is happening and we are changing and evolving with it, therefore our desires and wishes change as well! 

This is a very simple process, so simple that you may even doubt that works, but I assure you: yes, it does !!! 

I already told you many times, in different content all over my website, my free trainings and courses, my blogposts, emails and my paid courses, but I like to be always reminding you, because I want you to be more intentional with your manifestations and I want you to bring to your physical world only the things you want- so, here it goes: When we focus on something and put our energy on that thing, we manifest even more of that same thing in our lives. This is really important to remember, because whatever you are focusing on Right NOW, you are manifesting more of in the near future. Our thoughts create our future, right?

And I imagine that for many years of your life you must have thought that having what you absolutely want is difficult, or living the life you have always dreamed of is very impossible, am I right? I mean, I used to think like that all the time, especially coming from a very humble family, with a huge load of financial limiting beliefs, I thought I could never achieve the things I dreamed for myself.

You will *always* receive what you want from the Universe, if your focus is on: “it is impossible”, “it is very difficult”, then the Universe will only give you more of that. No need to say that if that’s where your focus is right now, you gotta redirect it, ASAP. Period! Shift that mindset and energy now. I don’t want you living no impossible dreams!


I will challenge you to apply this process to something you want, even if it is small, in fact if you have little or zero experience with intentional manifesting, then it’s best that you start small, and watch what happens over time. You will see the Universe working in an incredible way to provide you with what you want! The Universe is always saying *YES* to you, always! If you say it is impossible, it says YES! If you say it is difficult, it says YES! Now, imagine if you only say: it is possible, YES! It’s super easy, YES! You can add whatever sentence you want here – I am powerful. I am healthy and happy. I am in an amazing loving relationship. I have the best job ever. I am super rich. I am successful. The Universe will always say *YES* back to you!

So remember, you will always receive what you believe in, so believe in what is right for you !!!


This process has 3 parts!

Part 1- Ask for what you want!

Exactly, you simply define what you want and declare it. It may be that you want a new car, or maybe you want a love relationship of your dreams. How about a house? Or a higher income?

You have to be clear so that the Universe can understand what you really want to manifest. You also have to be specific. For example, if you want a car, you cannot simply tell the Universe you want a car, and that’s it. How many different cars exist out there? How many types, colors, year, interior, exterior… whatever, you get the picture, right? The Universe can’t give you this car you ask for, if you don’t specify. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for the Universe to try to guess? It won’t do that… instead, it just won’t send you ANY car. That is it. 

Make a list of this thing you want, put in it as many details as you can, but do it in a nice and pleasant way… if thinking about many details is making you nervous and stressed, then stop, take a deep breath and just write down what you can. Because you forgot to state that the car you want has to be a 2022 model, doesn’t mean the Universe won’t give you that, maybe the Universe will give you something even better. You just have to trust.

Part 2- Live the version of yourself that already has what you want.

What do I mean by that? Ask yourself: “If I already had this, how would I feel? How would I act? What would I do, or think about?

When you begin to experience that version of yourself as if you already have what you want, you will create energy, this way you will be vibrating at the same frequency as your desire.

This mind shift will gradually cause your limiting beliefs to start to fade away because when you start to change your mindset and start to act differently, your energy change and so do your emotions!

Start telling yourself a new story, including your wish in it, which story would you tell? Include all new angles, thoughts, habits, beliefs, connections, activities, relationships, etc, in short, create your new story and act like it. The Universe gives you what you can act upon, whether on a mental, physical, or emotional level, but there must be some kind of movement.

If you think about the car you want, what would the new version of you that drives that car do, believe, dress, talk? Where would you go with this new car? How would you take care of it? You can drive the car you own now, but action as the version of yourself that has the new car you want. You can also visualize and pretend that when you enter this car you have now, you are actually entering the car of your dreams, and as you drive it, bring to life all the good feelings and emotions you would feel if you were driving your dream car. 

Part 3- Surrender and receive your wish.

This is the most difficult part for so many people, the part where you let go! Letting go of the “how” things are going to happen is extremely complicated for most people who come to me, they usually have this need to always want to put a finger on everything, thinking that helping the Universe with their wish is their job.

The only difference here is that you do not always know which is the best path for this wish come to life, if it were up to you, you would choose the one that you think suits you best, or the easiest path, or the fastest path, and it is not always necessarily the right path for you. That is why patience has to play a fundamental role in your life in this part.

The same way that we don’t like it very much when someone does our job because maybe they won’t do it like us, or it won’t be the way we want it, the Universe is the same thing, it cannot work under pressure. The more you force things to happen, the more you will push away from what you want.

When you leave it alone, surrender and, of course, trust. deeply trust that the Universe will give you what you want or better, the Universe will deliver what you asked for, because it knows you are ready to receive, and this is very important! 

Told you...

It was pretty simple, right? You have to know what you want, then live, act, and think as if you already have it, putting together all the emotions and vibrations that match the exact vibrations of your desire, and of course, let it go. Let the Universe handle it. It knows the best way to deliver to you what you want. If you try to get your hands on it, you can drastically slow down the process, and since I know you don’t want to do that, I know you will be patient enough to wait!

Now you know my formula, that is what I do! 

Go out there and start intentionally manifesting your amazing dreams!! 🙂