3 Reasons Why You Are Not Achieving Your Goals

why you are not achieving your blogging goals

Blogging is the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life, not only it is fun but it also gave me the freedom and stability that I have always dreamed about.

I love being able to share my knowledge with my audience and know that I am helping them achieve their goals.

Does it get crazy at times? Oh yes, absolutely. But if there’s no challenge then it is not fun, right?

It requires a lot of dedication and effort to make it work, and even when you put your heart and soul into it, sometimes you may just feel a little stuck and when your needle doesn’t move you start getting frustrated and very unmotivated.

So, let’s talk about what may be the reasons holding you up from achieving your goals!

1- You are not making a plan.

You need to set a plan to make your blogging career work. Only writing a post or two and hope for readers to find you is not a plan at all. Launching a product to an empty audience will also not take you anywhere.

You need to map out your idea, and start from a realistic beginning, what can you do first that will kickstart your blogging career?
You are the only one that can answer this question.

Get organized, write down your goals and develop them into daily and weekly tasks to help you get unstuck and get more productive, for example: try setting a big goal at a time, and break this big goal into small tasks to help you get them done easier and faster.
Once the small tasks are being checked off your list and you can see the end of the road in from of you, you will feel a lot better and accomplished.

Mark everything on your calendar or blog planner. Dedicate a specific day and time just to work on your blog. If you have a job and can only work on your blog evenings and weekends, make that a commitment to yourself.
It is very important not to overload yourself, otherwise, you are still going to find yourself getting nowhere.

2- You are setting unrealistic goals

You are probably thinking you are going to get yourself a domain and start writing posts and your bank account will instantly start to grow.
If that is you, you need to put on your slow brakes.
Blogging should be something you are passionate about, don’t try to do it just because of the money, the money will be a consequence, after all, blogging is a lot of work!
The one thing I see happening a lot in the blogging world is that no one is willing to start small. People want instant success, and when they don’t see the results that they hope for they just easily give up.

So, if that is you, my friend, please stop and review your goals. Are they reachable? Have you set a really good amount of time to accomplish it? Dreaming is a must, I totally get it, because I have many dreams as well, but you have to know your limits. Starting anything in life is tough and requires time and effort. If you do the work you will see the results, but for someone just starting you have to realize you need to do a lot of work first.

3- You compare yourself to other bloggers.

Do not do that, like ever! Everyone is different, each person in this world has their own uniqueness, and no matter what niche or industry you are in your work will always be different from someone else.
Getting inspired by other bloggers could be a good thing, but never to the point where you compare their work with yours.

A lot of times you may land on a bloggers page and you see all the success that they have, tons of traffic, tons of raving fans, tons of sales, and one thing you may have forgotten is that you are landing on their page in the middle of their journey, and chances are you do not know what they had to go through to stand where they are now. I guarantee you they have started the exact same way as you are now.
Also, remember that everyone has the same potential to attract their own crowd and grow in the blogging business. There is space for everybody.

The bottom line here is: be patient to yourself if you are at the beginning of your journey. There are so many things you will still learn along the way. Don’t try to get ahead of yourself, because things just take time to develop, and it is okay, trust me.

Don’t forget to track and analyze your progress, and if you need to reevaluate your goals do it, it is always best to have everything check out and running properly.

Remember that in every situation there is a chance to grow and learn, and It is ok if you don’t get all your goals set and accomplished perfectly from the first time, there is always time to work on them to make them better.