3 Steps to Eliminate Anxiety.

It seems that anxiety has become the most common disease of the century. People are more and more anxious, and this creates confusion, in addition to completely wiping out the energy and willingness to perform their daily tasks.

So let’s see what’s anxiety and what is the bad side of this disease, I’ll share three steps to start eliminating your anxiety very quickly.

What is anxiety?

An anxious person is always thinking about what they will do in the future rather than the present moment. For them, what they’re doing now doesn’t matter so much, their mind is always ahead. This generates a lot of distress, their heart starts to accelerate, and do you know why of this acceleration? Precisely because they are not living in the present.

When our body and brain receive information that we are going to do something they then begin to prepare for this event. But suddenly if we do not continue with that plan, because it is not supposed to be accomplished now, but let’s say in a month or even a year from now, our body gets all messed up, it’s already prepared itself for that event but we are simply not doing it, instead, we are doing something else that requires another message, it requires another release of adrenaline and energy.

For example, let’s say you’re going to run a marathon and you have to prepare yourself, so your whole body prepares itself for you to run, but at this moment you are not running, instead, you are writing a text or reading something, but your body is accelerating because it needs to run this marathon, that was the message you sent to it.
That’s when you start to feel tired and weak, you can’t write your text, read or concentrate on anything else because your body is getting ready to run. So you enter a very big dichotomy between what you are doing and what you are going to do.

This is a great danger to the emotional and mental state that an anxious person lives, which is why they are always feeling a tachycardia and tension for having something to do. The most interesting thing is that an anxious person moves their body all the time, they cannot stand still, they are either moving their legs or biting their nails, it doesn’t matter, they have to be doing something constantly.

The first major error for an anxious person is not living in the present, they don’t care what is happening now, but rather in the future, it’s hard for them to understand that their future will depend on their present actions and if that is not taken care of now it becomes a huge snowball.

There are many habits that they create, due to this wrong message given in the brain, just for being too focused in the future. Today they think about what they are going to do tomorrow, tomorrow they will think about what they will do the day after, so there’s never enough attention to what they are doing now. This is how the anxious person gets used to living.

Let’s see some very interesting habits of anxious people, I want you to pay attention if it fits you or not, and start the conversion of these habits.

Habit # 1

They need to confirm that they are capable all the time, this urge to immediately think about planning what they are going to do next, and not doing it now is because they want perfection, they want to show the world that they are perfect and at the same time confirm that to themselves. They have this need to do everything in the best possible way, the anxious person is always waiting for applause. They want acknowledgments and confirmation that they are capable, and that alone is already generating incredible anxiety. Why? For fear of not being applauded, fear of not being able to accomplish what was set out to do. This is very exhausting so they live in this inner turmoil trying to be the best of everything. Do you also realize that this has a hint of pride and arrogance? Because they can never make mistakes, always have to get everything right, and don’t want to acknowledge their mistakes.

How to solve this problem.

If you have identified yourself to this habit, know that you do not need anyone to confirm your capability. You are capable of absolutely everything, and you just need to recognize it within yourself. Nobody is perfect in this world, there will always be one mistake or another. Try to find peace with yourself. If you find yourself trying to play the perfectionist again, step back, take a few deep breaths, and start over. Gradually your mind will begin to register that you no longer want to act this way, and you will begin to change this habit to a healthy one.

Habit # 2.

An anxious person creates problems where doesn’t exist, have you talked to an anxious person when they are worried about something? They’re always creating strands of problems that are not real but they live as if they were and when the situation passes they say: ‘phew, thank God that none of that happened, right?’. It doesn’t even make them realize that they are suffering for nothing and wasting their energy. By creating these imaginary problems, they end up developing something kind of persecutory as if there was always something terrible happening.
So an anxious person has a hint of negativity formed inside them for always making up problems.

How to solve this problem.

It is good to remember that everyone has problems, regardless of anything, but the right thing in this situation is to analyze your life in this present moment and decide if the problems you have are normal from your daily life or something else that doesn’t require your worry right now. Clear your mind, and put aside anything that doesn’t need your immediate attention.

Habit # 3.

Everything has to be done like ‘yesterday’, interesting right? They are agitated for what will happen tomorrow, but they always have to be running against time without respecting the present.
So they respect neither the present nor the future, they want everything to be very quick, and with that, they end up making terrible deals.
Did you know that an anxious person is a bad negotiator? They lose a lot of money, buy unnecessary things, end up rushing to make a deal just to be done with the situation. With so much agitation they want to solve things quicker so they can get rid of the problem, because of that they end up messing everything up even more.

How to solve this problem.

Don’t make hasty decisions. Remember the world took 7 days to be built, nothing should be done overnight, much less with a certain rush. Read and re-read contracts if necessary, if you have the option of waiting a day or two to make a decision, especially if it is about something expensive, or very important, then give yourself this time, that way you will not regret it later.

For example, if an anxious person wants to buy a car, they have to return home in that car, period. They live in a self-demanding situation, and they are their biggest demander and saboteur because anyone who requires too much ends up sabotaging themselves a lot and live in endless tension.
So usually an anxious person is always spinning in circles, they are not taking a step forward, and even if they do, there are so many other steps to take that they believe should have already been taken, and that sucks all their energy. That explains why they are always fatigued at the end of the day, more tired and this is such unnecessary pain and distress.

Nobody needs to live like this, this is a habit that people create. If you are anxious you have created habits that were automatically programmed and reprogrammed by your mind, but you can stop it. Pay attention to them and change them to healthier habits gradually, this is very important for you to understand, you can change one at a time calmly, always paying attention not to sabotage yourself on the way.