5 Ways to Run a Profitable Blog and Ditch the 9-5

5 ways to run a blog and ditch your 9-5

We often find ourselves working a 9-5 that we simply hate it – let’s be completely honest here, yes hate it!
Most of the time instead of just regular 8 hours a day, we normally spend 10-12 hours, sometimes we take work home with us, or are the last ones leaving the building regularly. We have to deal with unpleasant coworkers, annoying bosses, rude customer- which remind me: don’t even get me started on retail work!
What about the commute? Uhh ugh, what a pain! Traffic has become so difficult lately and many, many out there have to spend a long time in traffic every morning and evening. I remember my days where I had to spend a minimum of 3 hours a day commuting to work.

If all this sounds very familiar to you, and if you are eager to change your routine and live a healthier and more pleasant life, surrounded by people you love and matter the most in your life and have more time for yourself you gotta read on!
Imagine being completely flexible to do whatever you want all day! That would be super amazing right! So let me tell you how you can do that!

Start a blog!

Blogging can still be very profitable, I know when you think of blogging you think of people that got viral and had millions of people following their work every month and you think to yourself- yeah that will never happen to me.
Well, my friend, blogging has become a lot different than it used to be in the past, more and more people are being able to commit to full-time income just by blogging, it is possible even if you don’t have a huge audience!

Think of a niche!

So what is your passion? What do you love talking about? What are you good at?? What kind of people do you want to attract? To start a blog, you have to think about everything that you would love to talk about, teach and solve for your audience.
It is very import that you stick to one or two topics on your blog. You may be passioned about several different things and may want to talk about all of them, but if you overdo on your blog, people will get confused. If you mix all in one people will often think: wait, are they talking about traveling, or recipes, or makeup or what? – see what I mean? – we don’t want to confuse our audience we want to make them come straight to us all the time!

Serve and build your audience

Before you even think about quitting your 9-5 or think you will start a blog today and start making a full income by next month you need to do some work! You will still need to build an audience, which does not have to be tens of thousands of people, you will still manage to make an income starting with a small audience.
And how do you do that you may ask? By serving your audience! And serving them well!
Create awesome articles teaching them what they want to know and are eager to learn, offer them mini free e-books on the topic you cover on your blog, offer them ideas for what they could do. People come to blogs to solve a problem that they have, so keep in mind that you are the problem solver here, and come up with awesome and very well thought of material that will help them and make them come for more in the future!

Build An Email List

You have to take this step very seriously, building an email list is a must-have in any business, and since the idea of your blog is to make money out it, then you have to get them to sing up with you! An email list is the most efficient way to communicate with your tribe, to know what they want to learn next from you, to offer them your free stuff and to keep them engaged with you, and of course eventually sell to them!
And how do you build an email list?? On your blog you need to use sign up forms to capture your audience emails, to be more effective instead of just having a regular sign up button that says nothing, you will want to offer them something in return from their email addresses, and this is called a freebie or a lead magnet. It is very simple, you can create a cheat sheet or a mini pdf or a workbook, or a checklist to offer to your audience, that way they will give you their email but you are also contributing to their growth and thirst for knowledge. Remember I talked about serving your audience above? Well, that is what you will be doing, you are creating to serve them and at the same time, they are serving you back by giving you their email addresses!

Create A Product!

While you are growing an audience and your email list at the same time, you want to create a product that will be your future income. Your product has to do exactly what you talk about on your blog. Think of something that it is waaay good to just offer for free, and there you will have it! Your deeper stuff should be left to offer last, think of it as the cherry on top, the one thing that your audience will really want to know and because you have been serving them so well up until now, that material you can sell to them.

A lot of people want to start from here and this way they will never be successful, because if you have a product and have no audience to sell to, then you won’t sell it ever! So that is why following those steps is so important.

There you have it, my friend, remember that always, before you sell anything to your tribe you gotta earn their trust, you gotta serve them and you have to make sure they are being served well. The road to quit your 9-5 could be long or short that will only and exclusively depend on you. If you are serious to work from anywhere in the world and don’t want to deal with any annoying boss start sharing your passion with the world!!