7 steps to ease anxiety

mmm a little bit anxious? 🤔 🙄

How anxious are you?

Do you suffer from anxiety? It’s almost impossible to talk to someone nowadays and find out they are not anxious about something. People all over the world are having to deal with this in a daily basis, and oftentimes they don’t know exactly what to do to step out of a situation that gets them anxious, or even to help easy up this feeling.

A person battling anxiety is always trying to run away from themself, and all this battle also affects their bodies somehow, they may get shortness of breath, dizziness and extremely fast heart beating… and feels like they are going to collapse. Can you relate?

Anxiety is when someone cannot live their present moment, they are already suffering for something in the future without even knowing about the outcome. This becomes a cycle that is hard to break! 

And if that is also you, then I want to help you out, and I am going to present 7 questions for you to think about and respond to. You need to be as honest as you can be, because this is the only way you will help yourself out!

Ready? Let’s do this!

1- When do I have anxiety?

Think of a situation that makes you anxious, it doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s something big or small, just analyze what is going on with you, and when you are more likely to get anxious.

2- What do I do about this situation?

What kind of actions do you take or what are your attitudes when this or these situations happen that make you so anxious.

3- What actions that you have taken before truly solved your situation?

Sometimes you are living an re-living the same situations that get you super anxious, and in the past you have taken some action or tried to solve your problem somehow. What did you do in the past that was very effective given your situation?

4- Is there anything in this situation that does not depend only on you?

Sometimes we end up getting anxious because certain things don’t always depend only on ourselves, maybe we need to wait for someone to do something, or tell you something, give you some sort of answers. Is this your case? Or this situation is only about yourself?

5- What do you do when it doesn’t depend on you?

How do you deal with that? What kind of feelings do you experience or action that you take? Do you keep asking, and demanding things from this person/people? Or just wait impatiently for their response?

6- What is this situation requiring from you?

Everything you go through in life is most likely requiring and demanding something from you, what kind of answer(s) is it demanding from inside you? 

7- What kind of action do you have to take?

Now it is the time you analyze the whole context, this whole situation and see what you have to do moving forward, what is the right action that you need to take in order to easy yourself from this scenario and bring more peace into your life?


An anxious person only keeps living and re-living the same cycle because they cannot find the right action they need to take to change that cycle. These questions will help you find the root cause of your anxiety and help you easy up this pain and find the right answer to make you stop suffering with this same problem over and over again.

Once you tackle your problem, and want to solve it to the best of your ability, taking actions, your mind and body will finally feel that relief that you’ve been looking for, for a long time. 

Take care of yourself, take care of your mind!!

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