Being grateful is being powerful

My amazing friend, I am so grateful you are part of this beautiful community. My heart overflows to know that I can help you somehow! The fact that you are here, reading this post and wanting to change your life for the better, shift your energy and manifest your amazing dreams, makes my heart jump! I want you to feel virtual hugged by me now. Thank you for being here, thank you for wanting to learn with me!

Gratitude is one of the most powerful feelings to exist. You can’t help but feel awesome the moment you express your gratitude toward something. Have you ever noticed that when you feel grateful for something, your breathing change, your heart expands and you just can’t help but smile!! 

When you feel this way, it makes you want to feel like this over and over again, right? Because it’s just such an awesome feeling that takes over our bodies and souls. But it’s not the only thing that gratitude does, it also helps us manifest our desires much faster! Didn’t you know?? 

So, tell me, have you done your gratitude check yet? or lately?

How grateful are you today? What makes you grateful today?

You know, your day already says a lot about your feelings… the way you decide to live says a lot about how grateful you are. Let’s learn!!

How do you spend most of your days?

If you constantly complain about everything, your life, your job, your bank account, your bills, your children, your spouse…. then chances are you are living a miserable life, far away from reaching your dreams. 

You can’t have a happy and healthy life if you complain all the time.

You can’t be successful at work if you complain about it all day long.

You can’t have money in the bank if you complain about the lack of it and the bills you have to pay 24/7.

You can’t have happy and well-behaved kids if you complain about them to other people all the time.

Do you see? Things simply don’t match.

Your expectations are always good. You want to live a well balanced life, with lots of money in the bank, well-behaved kids, bills paid on time and in order. But if you complain about the lack of these things, you will only manifest more of them in your life.

There is absolutely no way to be grateful and yet complain about everything. These two vibrations can’t work together, they never could and never will. They are simply the opposite. 

Complaints will only make more of what you don’t want to manifest in your life. While gratitude will only make more positive things to manifest in your life and will take you straight to the path of receiving those big and sometimes scary things you want so badly.

Which path are you choosing to follow?

I know that when you make complaints a sticking habit, getting rid of it is no easy task. It takes time and a lot of discipline. But it is very possible. Everything you set your heat to, you can accomplish. 

While it won’t happen overnight, you can start by changing this habit slowly and of course keep practicing this new habit so you can strengthen it. 

Start by being soooo thankful for the children you have and you will see a change in their behavior.

Be grateful for the job you have now, so a better one can come along pretty darn quick and change your financial routine.

Be grateful for the money you have now so you can attract more and more of it.

The Universe will never give you something “better” than you already have if you are not grateful for what you have now. 

Gratitude is a powerful feeling.

What I teach my students is to make a gratitude journal, and write at least 5 things a day to be grateful for. It’s a simple exercise but yet a powerful one. As you exercise your gratitude, your mind starts to shift, your energy starts to shift and you start noticing lots of magic happening around you. 

Be grateful, always, start by the smallest things… everything you have, everything you own deserves your gratitude! Take a good look around and see all the amazing things that you have already manifested in your life! what do you want to be grateful for first?

When you least expect you will be writing not only 5 things a day, but rather 10, 20 things… because there are just so much to be thankful for in life! 

And, my beautiful friend, I want you to know that: I am so grateful you are here! I love YOU!