Creating Content Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Creating Content doesn't have to be hard PIN

I know how hard it is to sit down and write down fresh original content for an audience.
We as entrepreneurs have this goal to reach a certain number of blog views and email subscribers, and most of the time we do reach that goal, but then comes that question: now what?

Creating new content could be very overwhelming for most people, and yet it is necessary if you want to see your tribe grow, most importantly here, you need to create amazing content to keep your audience engaged and warm. There’s nothing worse than a cold audience.

You absolutely cannot leave them hanging for months and months without hearing from you, and then out of nowhere you have this new product and you immediately want to pop in their inbox and offer to them. Guess what you are going to hear back from them? **crickets** .
Let’s be very honest here, you know that, right?
The same rule applies for your blog posts, if you just stop writing to them out of nowhere you are going to get them thinking what is going on, and they will probably find someone else that will give them the content they are looking for.

You have to put yourself in their shoes, always, and I mean it. You most likely wouldn’t open your wallet for someone that you had signed up for and hasn’t heard from for months, would you, my friend? So why would you assume they have to?
You would probably lose interest in someone that has been MIA for a good while and has just resurfaced again, right?

Let’s get some points sorted here.

Fresh Content.

Your audience is always going to be hungry for new content, and this is something that you absolutely cannot ignore.
If they chose to follow you in the first place, they have a very good reason to do so. They trust you, they love what you have to say and they can always get quick helping tips from you. You have to keep this momentum going for your business, you must serve your audience and serve them well.
Always keep up with your work, keep giving to them what they want most. If you have promised your tribe you would have fresh content every Wednesday, then do it.
Do not leave them hanging, because soon enough they are the ones that might be doing just the same.

Email Content.

This topic here is a very sensitive one, many bloggers out there are very guilty of doing this, they spend all their time focusing on writing fresh and original content for their blogs that they completely forget about their subscribers.
Getting people to subscribe to your email list is not an easy job, and when you do have this special audience waiting for you in their inbox you just can not take that for granted.
Writing copy is very hard for most people, and I totally get that, but you have to put lots of effort here too, maybe even more so especially here. Remember your subscribers are the most likely ones to become your fans and potential clients. So you must serve them well!

Very important here: do not set unachievable goals when it comes to delivering content, please you have to play smart here, and only promise your audience what it is very reachable to you. Do not say you are going to deliver content to them three times a week if you do not have the time to create that much content, you need to be realistic.
The amount of content does not matter if they can see the quality in it. Please remember that always.
Sometimes once a week and well-delivered material is much better than three times a week and all over the place and not consistent material.

If you are a side hustler and still have your full-time job to deal with and have so little time in your hands, or perhaps you already have been in the entrepreneurial world for quite a while and things are taking off for you in a way that you find yourself with very little time in your hands, then there are a couple of things you can do here.

Hire a freelancer/Writer.

I would say this step could work better if you need help with your blog posts. Blog posts are usually longer and you have to put a lot more effort into them, and therefore you need lots of time to get this task done.
There’s not only the creation part of the post itself but also reviewing it, proofreading… the list goes on, and that requires a lot of time and dedication, if you can hire someone to do the work for you, then you can cut yourself a good chunk of your time to be free and dedicate in other aspects of your business to grow it even more.


Something that has become very popular nowadays is templates. You can just find so many kinds of templates out there, from Emails to Pinterest templates and Instagram templates, you name it.
Email templates can be a lifesaver for someone with so little time, and I know it, because I have already used them in the past, especially when I was first starting and had no clue what to email my subscribers next.
Coming up with ideas, when you still have a full-time job to deal with, and a house, a family and so forth could be brutal.
If you are dealing with all that, or simply just ran out of ideas, buying email templates could be your ticket to a little more free time on your hands and of course peace of mind, as well.

Do not overstress yourself with this topic, if you can afford to buy some time, then you should do it, my friend. These types of services are not expensive at all and for a low cost you can get yourself a good deal, save tons of time, and I think there’s nothing more precious than saving time, because that way you can just keep an eye on what you have to do next to keep growing your business even more.

If you have never gotten your hands on anything like that before, I will link here a Free Email Template that you can get from me so you can check it out and use it for your next email.
If you are ready to buy then check out my Email marketing template kit in the shop. The free version and the paid version are totally different templates to use in your business. Happy Blogging/Marketing, friends!!