Free Will

Free Will = Respect!

I am sure you have heard of free will before, right? Free will is a right of choice we all have here in this physical 3D world. We are allowed to choose and change the route of our lives whenever we feel like, and that means making our own decisions, doing whatever it feels right to us, we are the owners of our lives, therefore we have this power.

But do you know how often people try to sabotage this free will on others? A lot!!

I have already done it in the past, maybe even you have done it too. How many times have you dictated what your spouse, children and even friends should do? How many times people in your inner circle have told you what to do? And the sad part of all this is that many times we get talked into doing things we actually don’t want to.

We get that free will manipulated and disrupted, all the time.

Because you are a lawyer or a doctor, doesn’t mean your children have to be one too. 

Because you like someone and want so badly to be with them, doesn’t mean they need to accept being with you too.

Because you don’t like certain people, doesn’t mean that other people around you need to stop talking to them.

Oftentimes we forget all about what respect really means!

We need to learn how to set boundaries and take the reins of our own lives. Our life is meant to be beautiful and pleasant, we are meant to be happy and fulfilled. And respect comes hand in hand with that. We must live our lives, take action on our dreams, take responsibilities for our acts, and Don’t let other people tell us what to do. We are the only ones that can choose for ourselves.

Veronica, can I...?

In the manifestation world I have seen a lot of that already, and especially one thing that I see it all the time and that fits perfectly into this subject is when someone tries to manifest a relationship with someone that is NOT in love with them.

I hear this a lot: “Veronica, can I manifest a specific person?”, or, “Veronica, can I manifest my ex back?”.

The answer is always going to be – yes. Is it easy to do it? Not always, and that is because of free will. Now, the most important: Should you do it? Absolutely NOT! And I’ll tell you why.

When you force someone in your life, or even someone to do something they don’t want, it never lasts… You want something, and you try to manipulate that person into doing what YOU want… but if it’s not what THEY want, then this manifestation won’t last. This person’s energy will be vibrating something totally different, and in the end their vibrations will always win, because you can ONLY manifest things for yourself! Nothing should be forced, because our energies cannot lie, ever!! 

That is why respect needs to be applied in every circumstance. You need to respect others, as they also need to respect you. If it is meant to be, it will.

The Universe always responds!

Now, what many people don’t know, or have never realized is that when you interfere in someone’s free will, the Universe responds, and it responds by using the Law of Cause and Effect – meaning, what caused this situation, will return, and the effect – this return – tends to be bigger than the cause itself. 

When you interfere in someone’s life, it’s not okay, it’s not right, it’s not respectful. Can you imagine what is going to return to you? And it doesn’t take long for the Universe to take charge. When this happens people don’t know why their life is not going the way they want, why so many negative things keep happening and why they aren’t able to manifest what they want. The Universe is powerful, when you break someone’s free will you are manifesting negative things into your life!

Always pay close attentions to your actions, so that you get the positive and good reactions you are expecting from the Universe!!! 🙂

Respect other people, and don’t let anyone interfere in your life, set boundaries, be on the look out, by doing that you are also respecting yourself! When you do that the Universe puts you on the route of your manifestations making them show up in your 3D world a lot faster!

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