Have you been practicing the F word lately?

Ahhhh, the F word!!! Did you know I love the F word??? And you should too, you should practice it more often!!

FORGIVING!!! Of course! Wait, what did you think it was?? LOL.

My friend, you have no idea how drastically your life would improve if you just Forgive!!!

You know and I know that life happens, and is happening right now. We can definitely control what happens to us (in a way), if we know where to set our focus now, in the present time. But you may have learned this concept recently, or you may have been trying to BE more in the present time (and I get it, it can be hard), and you most definitely can’t change your past, which is so hard to accept a lot of the times! 

We all wish there could be this magic button that would just delete everything bad that we want to forget it ever happened from our lives, but that will just never happen! And making peace with your past, although very hard for a lot of people, it’s essential to help us move on and forward toward our dreams and manifest them into our reality.

And if that is you too, what you can do is to see the things that have happened in the past differently. I know it can be hard, it can be very painful and very, very uncomfortable. I know you will try to resist it, many and many times, because that is your subconscious mind trying to help you cope with all these mixed feelings and emotions you have there inside. But if you slowly overcome all these obstacles, oohhhh man, will you thrive!!!!

When you hold grudge on someone for something that has happened, you are also holding on to bad, unwanted and negative energy. Energy is what rules your life, and if you feel like your life is not going anywhere, and everything seems stagnant for you, then guess what?? You may need to release some forgiveness!

Set yourself FREE!

Forgiveness could be your key component to quantum leap and manifest the things you want. The things you may be preventing from manifesting!

Forgiving someone could be a very hard thing to do, and it won’t be an easy task. It won’t happen overnight either. The amount of resistance you will find is huge, and you may want to give up on the way. This is all thanks to your subconscious, that likes to keep things as is, that will do everything to make you feel better, and your subconscious thinks that leaving everything under the rug, and not touching it is best for you. It thinks that way, because it knows how much pain you would endure if things come up to the surface. 

And because of that, your life can’t help but being stagnant on the way. 

When you work on your forgiveness, things become more light to you, all that burden on your shoulders starts to come off. All that stagnant energy starts to circulate. You can breath a whole lot better, and you create a huge, a massive space that was being used by this bad, negative energy.

Manifest some Magic!

When you forgive or start working on your forgiveness you let go of that resistance that was holding you back, you let go of the past, you let go of the burden you were carrying on your shoulders. When you forgive, you create a brand new space and attract a lot of good vibrations, feelings and emotions.

This space you create together with the good vibes you are now a match to can now be filled with great things that you wish to manifest! 

I want you to think with me. Pretend that you have a closet, and this closet is completely full, you can not fit a pair of jeans, or a shoe in it anymore. You can barely open the doors, because when you do so, things start to fall out… Well, you know you have to work on it, you know you have to do something about it, and just thinking about it makes you overwhelmed, because you will spend days fixing your closet, sorting out clothes, and separating the ones you can donate and the ones you want to keep. It makes you tired just by thinking about it, right? Yeah, I know how it is.

But now I want you to think about this closet all organized, clean and with so much space for the new things you are going to buy.

How do you feel about that? Excited, right? I mean it will be clean, and soon with more up to date stuff that you want and like. 

If you don’t clean it, you won’t have room to store more stuff, right? So you might as well do it!!

This is exactly what happens to your energy, if you don’t forgive.

Do you see how impactful this is? 

If you don’t forgive, you don’t have enough room to play with the universe about your manifestations! 

You don’t have to be aggressive about it. Do it little by little. Just like the closet, clean one shirt at the time… pick up one sock at the time. And when you least expect it, you will have made significantly space for new, beautiful and positive things to happen!! 

The past will never come around again, what you’ve lived won’t come back. There’s nothing you can do about that. What you can do about it is to accept, even if it is painful and it takes time, but accept and take it as a learned lesson that was so important for you, for your life. You have gone through it, you don’t need to relive that. You have the choice to turn the page, and start fresh. You can’t change the past, but you can create your future, and it is up to you what you are going to write down on this new blank page!

Forgive, my beautiful friend. 

You are love, you are forgiveness!!


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