How to Become More Grateful.

Being Grateful

Let’s talk about gratitude, are all people grateful? What makes one person grateful and another not? Are there benefits to being grateful or maybe gratitude is just for you to say thank you when you receive a gift?

Gratitude is the first step towards love, when we think of love, first of all, we are grateful for what we have received from other people or even from life, to be grateful is to feel loved and emit love. The first thing that parents teach us is to be grateful from an early age when a child receives a gift, their mother reminds them to say thank you, this child then realizes the joy that person who gifted them demonstrates and then they mirror that act. Automatically the feeling that is registered is of love, that life is good for them.

This feeling is taught to us, we learn from an early age to recognize what is given to us, so gratitude is, above all, the recognition of everything you receive from life from the beginning of your childhood, until the last moment of your life.

Maintaining this feeling of gratitude shows us not only a return of giving and receiving but above all, it also reflects extremely important components. It makes your body develop much healthier functions, for example, when you recognize something and feel gratified, your blood pressure decreases, biologically your body starts to get into balance, and your health is established.

Rationally when you are thankful for something and feel that genuine gratitude, you put yourself in the present moment, it is a way to bring your spirit into the now, because at the moment you received something, you immediately change your mood, become more joyful, and satisfied. There is nothing more pleasant than being gifted something, no matter what the value is, automatically it gives us great joy, our heart expands with happiness and love, all these are extremely subtle things that happen to us without even realizing it.

How to activate the feeling of gratitude if you don’t recognize yourself as a thankful person? Here are three steps to work on.

The first step is an internal observation.

You have to look inside yourself and identify what you have, what things or feelings you have already received, it is important to remember that being grateful does not only apply to material things but spiritual ones as well. How do you feel about the things that life has given you? Analyze this situation very carefully and full of rich details.

The second step is comparison.

That observation that you have something and someone else doesn’t, to look at your life and to the life of other people around you, this comparison helps you to realize that maybe you might be complaining for no reason (if you are at all, of course), which happens every so often. You do have many things, many great blessings in your life. Look for that positive point, I am sure you will find it quickly.

The third step is to recognize the power that emerges in you when you realize that you are grateful.

That feeling of being enough, when you receive a gift and think: ‘wow, why did this person give me this?’, then you automatically recognize yourself as a good and worthy person, and because of that, you start attracting more blessings, more prosperity, and more strength in your life.


And speaking of prosperity what if I told you that you should always be grateful because it is one of the fastest ways for abundance in all shapes and forms to reach you. The more you receive, the more you are encouraged to give, and prosperity is this flow of giving and receiving.

This is a natural feeling for us, so to be grateful is also to be prosperous, you may be asking yourself now, but what about those bad days, when we realize our life is going backward? Especially those days when it looks like you woke up with the wrong foot? You woke up late, spilled your coffee on your shirt when you leave the house you run into the garage door, get to work late, your boss asks for something you haven’t done that day. That way it is extremely difficult for you to be grateful, at this moment you are feeling the most wronged, hindered, and unlucky person ever.
The first thing we usually do is to embrace the problem, that is the only vision we have at that moment, it’s like we are blinded. You must take a step back and look at the bigger picture. There are so many amazing things happening in your life, and with this help, you should try to bring that feeling of gratitude back to you, remember the great things that have already happened to you.

Another thing that helps us a lot in these difficult times is to have a planned future. Do the bad or unpleasant things of these catastrophic days interfere with your life planning? Or are they something that just happened at that moment, but will not interfere with your future projects? 90% of our problems are usually related to our daily routine, they are not things that will block your whole life, your entire evolution, or all your projects.

Distancing yourself, taking a deep breath, and looking at these situations more calmly can make you realize that maybe just a phone call to someone, or rescue something you need at that moment is all you need to find a solution. I know that sometimes it is a bit more difficult to maintain this feeling of gratitude all the time, but let’s set a challenge here for all of us, this week I want you to understand what you are grateful for and why you are grateful, write in your journal, and re-read whenever something difficult happens to you so that you can reminisce and bring back that feeling of gratitude instantly back to you.