How to Deal With Failure and Succeed

Have you ever paid attention to the moments when you say that things are not going as you want? You make plans and even then things don’t seem to be going according to those plans. That’s when that feeling of failure gets to you. Well, in reality, failure does not exist, nor is it the end of the line, the only thing we have to do is learn how to reframe everything.
How to deal with these situations? I know that there are many ways to deal with failure or even how to stimulate and increase your success. That success that when it shows up seems like a miracle and that makes you wonder how it happened! We will learn to deal with these states of failure that affect you.

Be rational

We all have our subconscious mind that is full of emotions, has a lot of energy, and it is very powerful. We also have our conscious mind which is the most rational side, works very seemly, our rational mind works non-stop, all the time having to deal with so many things that are happening to us and around us.

When something happens that hasn’t been planned by yus, what we do is try to search our memory quickly, our storage of emotions and feelings that we have from our past to justify what is happening to us. But this is not the right time to do this, it is not the time for us to trigger our subconscious mind, it is the time to use our rational side, our conscious side, and look at the situation analyzing what’s wrong there, after all, it didn’t go the way we planned.

Our subconscious will bring the emotions that it thinks are right for us at that moment, which is why we should not try to find them by ourselves. When that happens then it is time for us to abstain from all these emotions that the subconscious is bringing us and look at it in a very practical way and ask ourselves what is missing, how could we have done differently, what is this new information saying to us? That way we are able to take a more critical look and position ourselves to take better control of the situation.

Create solutions

Let’s take an example, let’s imagine that you said this year you want to lose weight and for that, you will run a 5K marathon, a very bold goal since you are sedentary and have never practiced any sport before. But you make this important plan and say that you are going to run a block a week, and increasing this goal as the weeks go by.
You are all excited about reaching that goal, but when you are about to reach fifteen blocks, you start to have difficulties, it seems that you have no more breath, that you will not be able to do it.

At this time what can happen is your subconscious mind is sending you messages that you can’t do it, you are not capable of it, this goal is too much for you. These are all feelings that may come to you at this moment, and what you have to do at this time is to stop and analyze the situation. What is happening? Maybe you can be a little more tired, your legs hurt as you run, it can be that you need to change shoes, maybe you need to eat a little more before starting to run, or even seek help from a gym to strengthen your muscles. You start to realize what is missing and what you could add on to make that goal happen.

The moment you create solutions, you leave that process of feeling that you are incapable, of affirming to you that it is impossible. You then begin to stimulate yourself and use your conscious mind. To bring this power from your conscious mind, you gave the order to your subconscious mind stating that you know you have many records, feelings, and emotions stored there, but that right now you want something else, and to register a new event and feelings, for it is necessary to create solutions.

So a certain way to deal with failure is to create practical solutions and also to remove the sentences – I can’t and I am not capable of – from our vocabulary, simply shift to – I’m trying and looking for something different. The word ‘different’ opens up a field, enlarges things, while the word ‘NO’ paralyzes everything, if you say: ‘I can’t do this marathon’, you automatically cut this possibility off and the state of failure is established. But if you say that now there is something different happening with your body and you need to be aware of what is happening differently, look at the range of possibilities that you open, the success that starts to open up in your life. So the best way to deal with failure is by activating your conscious side.

Be Successful

Use your rational mind and create solutions, tell your subconscious that right now you don’t need its help and that you need to use your power to resolve this issue. You control your emotions and feelings, so be this responsible commander for your actions.

I want you to commit to controlling your subconscious and act with your conscious power, what will your successful action be? Remember that there is no failure, there is only the next success, so what is your next success?