How to Eliminate Fear

This is going to be a short post about something that haunts many people around the world, fear! The most important thing you should know is that fear can be cured, but how does it lodge in our minds and echo within us making us shudder in fear for anything?

When we talk about fear, and even when we are feeling some kind of fear, have you ever noticed that this feeling brings us several images? As soon as you start to think, for example, that you can’t ride a plane because you’re afraid to just even think about it, that imagining yourself on a plane already gives you the chills.
Or maybe you are afraid to speak in public, just imagining yourself speaking in public and all those people looking at you, it paralyzes you, and you are not even facing this scenario yet, this is not even happening at this moment, but what do you do? It totally refutes this hypothesis in your life.

And with this, what happens to your mind, it’s been given this order to never speak in public because of the feeling and sensation that you have, then you think it is better to forget all about it and face another situation. That’s when you start running away from the situation that scares you, but your mind keeps echoing this fear all the time, and just a small situation in which you find yourself having to deal with it, you already think that something else is better to happen quickly to divert you from that emotional state.

What happens in your mind to produce all this state of fear that paralyzes you so much? They are your creative images. Fear creates in us the possibility of inventing a lot of images, and you know that our mind is formed by images, just like the dreams we have are also pure images, they are creating a shape and that does not always match reality, moreover, it almost never has anything to do with reality.

Putting it all behind.

So for you to overcome all this fear, you just need to create images that exactly counterpoint your fear, that is, if you are afraid to speak in public, start to imagine yourself speaking in public with all the ease and tranquility. If you are afraid of going on a plane imagine yourself sitting there and the plane is going up and you are very calm and smiling all the time inside this airplane. Do this with great confidence knowing that it is possible to change this whole situation.

Start imagining everything you are afraid of in a way where you find yourself very calm, and with that, you will be placing other images in your mind that will start reverberating throughout your being when you least expect it. If you have to speak in public, whether at work or school, you will feel that the fear is gone. It is important to know that you have to do this with a certain repetition until your subconscious mind understands that this is the new command you are giving it, doing it once or twice, unfortunately, will not change anything you have in relation to any fear.

So the cure for fear is to first create an image exactly the opposite of what makes you afraid and to take action when you act after creating that image you sediment this new information in your mind.
You know, this fear of speaking in public or even fear of riding a plane is only strong at the beginning because when you go up on the stage and open your mouth, the fear will disappear because you are at that moment taking a total contrary action to what was determined, and your mind gets a little confused and wondering what must be happening.

Making this exchange of images and actions that frighten you and taking a new attitude will start to reinforce your mind that you can accomplish what you want regardless of your feelings of fear. If you are afraid to put your action into work, first you take any initiative and then confidently you execute it.