How Your Mind Creates Your Reality

The human mind and body are truly incredible, that’s why we have to know that the mind is not only restricted to our brain, the body is also part of our mind because it holds memories as well as the subconscious mind to be accessed when requested.

The human mind keeps this information, exactly everything that has happened since our birth until today. Our body and mind have these records. How many times when we remember something that has happened in the past we say that just by remembering that our stomach already starts to turn, I’m sure it has happened to you before. This does not mean that we are experiencing that situation right now, but our mind has recovered that memory that was keeping this information in our stomach, and it brings the same physical sensations as that event. Isn’t that interesting?

You may have already noticed that when you start to remember some unpleasant events and all of a sudden you start to feel sad, that is because the mind and body have already brought the emotion of that fact that was stored inside you. We begin to constantly perceive situations that occur in our daily lives, and this becomes a stimulus that triggers all of our memories, according to the way we’ve experienced them.

Each person registers facts differently, for example, if you have siblings who experienced the same situations in childhood, each one of them registered events in a way that will be part of their mental storage, not necessarily the same way you did. Everything will depend on how we deal with each situation that represents in our lives.

Registering an event.

How will I register an event? With joy or sadness? Will I be victimized in any situation, or overcome and move on? Will I bring greater strength and face any obstacle? All of this creates our mind, which is also our whole body, registering the way we deal with each situation and simply re-edit it all is necessary.
Many times we realize that our life is a repetition of events and sensations, for example, a very common situation and that I hear a lot from my students is about rejection and many new cycles are repeated around this story. It is natural that this person will constantly think that they have been abandoned again, or maybe betrayed, and because of that they start to feel bad, and then the question that keeps hammering in their head is: ‘why again?’. Because they are reissues, our mind works with minimal effort. Something happened to you and it was registered that way, you interpreted it that way, and if something similar happens these memories will come to the fore quickly, reissuing a past in the present.

As much as we want something different it seems that everything always happens the same. The functioning of our mind occurs more or less in this way: an event takes place, we register it in a certain way, with certain feelings and thoughts. We create a conclusion and put it in a little ‘box’ in some part of our body, and there they will remain until some new event happens where the mind will quickly look for something similar that we have already lived. Our mind will be in charge of doing all the work for you to bring all these feelings to the afloat because our subconscious mind is our protector and that is part of its functions.

How can I create my reality?

So I want you to memorize this well: our mind creates our reality, everything we assimilate or experience, it is being created and recreated. Every new event, what we think, our feelings and emotions, release electromagnetic waves, these waves interact with other people’s electromagnetic waves, and when they interact they create a reality, and that is when we realize that: like attracts like.

Groups of like-minded people come together and create that reality. We will always find people who will repeat our patterns because this is the reality of this attraction. So the electromagnetic waves that we emit will attract similar electromagnetic waves and thereby create a reality. To change this reality, it is necessary to clean these internal filters, to know that with each thought and emotion, I am emitting a type of energy and this energy will manifest.

That is why we can create our reality, with the strength that all our memories have, cleaning our own minds and recycling our thoughts. Making sure that what happened in the past does not necessarily need to happen again, all of this is a process of high development, a process of growth that makes us feel much freer to seek the new, and create new realities.

The importance of creating space.

We need to create an internal space in our mind, in our being to create something new, when our mind is overwhelmed with information it is like there is no other space to receive the new and when life is completely stagnant then you know it is time to empty your mind and create a new space.

You need to remove what is no longer useful, which mental files you know no longer make sense? You need to understand that they were good at a certain point in your life, but today they no longer fit. We have no reason to keep old things, this is even a feeling of insecurity, not believing that we can create a new one, or have something new to live for.

When we talk about recreating a reality, bringing new events into our lives and this new is in our dreams and ideals, believing it’s possible, and also believing in this great power of the Universe, that’s when we know we are ready to embrace our power and manifest our lives the way we really want, manifesting the best for us and for everyone, because if we are well and aligned with what we want, many people will benefit and the world will be much better.