Most common financial limiting beliefs

Do you know how attached to your  financial limiting beliefs you are?

I want to talk to you about a very important topic, which I know is one of the greatest wishes that people all over the world have, and also a very important factor that leads them to learn about the law of attraction: money, and how to get more money, a higher income and live a more comfortable life, where they can help out their families and also people in need. I’m sure you can relate, am I right?

What is a limiting belief? A limiting belief is something that you have developed in your life through your family members, relationships, or environments that limit you from doing something or having something that you desire.

Many of us, including myself, grew up surrounded by limiting beliefs that involve money. So, let’s talk about 4 of the most common financial limiting beliefs.

# 1 - It is not easy to make money.

If you grew up hearing the phrase: “money doesn’t grow on trees”, then I present to you your first limiting belief! Often this phrase didn’t just come from your parents, grandparents, or relatives, but you may also have heard it in movies or TV shows, and who knows you might even have adhered to that affirmation and now you pass it on to your children as well. What happens to you the moment you hear that phrase? You immediately think – Oops, money is very difficult to have or earn.

The only thing that makes money difficult to reach you is your belief that money is difficult. It’s as if you build a wall right in front of you that forbids you to see the opportunities available to you.

A great example is rich people. Do you think they believe that money is hard to earn? How long and how hard does a rich person work? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself that question?

Now look at people who work on farms, construction, factories or general jobs. They are not rich people and they work very hard, don’t they?

You see the difference, rich people usually don’t have to sweat to get a steady flow of money into their lives.

Changing that belief is the key for you to get out of that cycle and start living a more abundant life. You need to work smarter and not harder, and for that, you have to change your mindset, your perspective, you choose what you want to believe in, then make this change!

# 2 - To be rich you must be born rich.

Have you ever had that thought in your life? Yes, that thought that develops into a belief may be part of you. How many times have you found yourself thinking or even talking out loud that these people are very lucky because they don’t need to do anything to make money?

Many people have become very successful and had absolutely nothing in their lives previously, they literally started from scratch. We have a great example known worldwide that is Oprah. If you take your computer and do a simple search you will be amazed to see how this is possible, and it is closer to everyone’s reach than you think.

Again, what you need to do is change your perspective and mindset. You may even be in debt today, but if you don’t focus on debt but wealth instead and change that belief, you get out of debt and start accumulating thousands, even millions, because you have all the freedom to think and wish big!

# 3 - I am neither enough nor worthy of money.

This feeling of being unworthy is something that many people grow up believing. It can be a feeling related to money, or success, or even love, or whatever it is. This feeling of not being enough to achieve anything in your life makes you stagnant in nothing.

Have you ever stopped to think that there are rich people, just like poor people out there? Money doesn’t choose the rich or the poor, money is energy, and it is attracted to the ones who match that vibration. Money also doesn’t choose people who are good or “bad”, if those people are vibrating the same energy as money, money will find a way to come to them. 

You don’t need to be worthy of money to make money, and when you finally realize it and let go of all that resistance, the doors of abundance will open for you. Recycle your thoughts, your beliefs, and attract money to you by changing your belief and vibration. – Remember, money is energy, are you vibrating that same kind of energy? 

# 4 - Having a lot of money means that you are snobby or greedy.

The word “power” often goes hand in hand with the word “money” for a lot of people. Often not related to the power of good, but evil.

How many times have you associated a rich person with being greedy or even selfish?

Well, there are certainly people like that who use money for bad things, but that doesn’t mean that we should generalize this concept. Many people who have a lot of money, usually choose to help and donate money to other people, creating a chain of good!

Money is one of the most powerful resources in the world. What would you do if you had 1 billion dollars? What kind of person would you be with that kind of money in your bank account? Would you help your family, people in need, charities, helpless children, and elderly people?

Money is simply energy, and when you are willing to give what you have to people in need, you are putting a lot of that energy in the Universe, and energy is circulating all the time, and what happens, in the end, is that it comes back to you. Everything you give, you receive, it’s a Universal law!

There is a lot of good that can be done with money, so we should not generalize that only bad things come from those who have a lot of money. When money falls into the hands of good people, a lot of magic can happen!

Change your mindset, change your life...

If you have been through any of these beliefs in your life, or if you are still dealing with any of them, know that things in your life are far away from improving. It all starts in your mind. If you want to live a more abundant life, start working in your mindset, slowly and steady change your money statements into more positive ones, shift your energy to be in the same frequency as the energy of money. 

If you are willing to start making small changes, you will see a huge difference taking form in your life. It doesn’t happen overnight, you need lots of practice. You can start by making money affirmations like: – I love money and money loves me. – Money flows in my life from different directions and unlimited resources. – I am open and ready to receive money. – I am a true magnet for money and prosperity. Just repeat these affirmations daily, ingrain them into your subconscious and believe… You will watch your money story change, you will witness money opportunities knocking on your door, you will start having money ideas. Just allow new and empowering beliefs in your life!