My favorite manifestation yet!

This is my favorite story of the most important thing that I have ever manifested in my life!

Let me take you back to the year 2013 when I was still trying to understand more of this wonderful manifestation world that I know today.

In 2013 my life wasn’t right, I wasn’t happy, I didn’t quite know what it was but I couldn’t get myself together and couldn’t find reasons to be happy with myself. You know when you feel there’s something missing, but you just can’t piece it together?

I wanted to take some time to try to figure out what I wanted for my life and I decided to take a break from the United States and went back to Brazil, at least for a while. I was very confused and felt very lonely too, I thought that a relationship would fix many things in my life.

As soon as I arrived back home, I got into a relationship, and shortly after that a marriage that clearly was so wrong for me, but I couldn’t see that or accept for that matter! No matter who tried to warn me, tried to open my eyes, I just didn’t want to hear or see. I needed something to fill that void I was feeling. 

I had developed over the years a huge emotional block related to relationships, my beliefs around love were so negative. I didn’t even know how to love myself, let alone love someone else. With all these negative emotions surrounding me of course I couldn’t attract true love into my life. I was so far aways from matching that kind of energy!

And as a result, this rushed marriage didn’t last (obviously). It only made me suffer and cry inconsolably every day. In less than a year I dated, got married, and divorced.

I felt like the most defeated person in the world and I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, how could a person who was not even 25 years old be divorced? I just couldn’t accept it!

With a lot of help from my family, mainly my mother, I managed to get over that horrible feeling and decided to dive deep into work and try to forget everything. However, that feeling of need still existed inside me, I thought something was missing and that a relationship would solve everything, again, same mistake (I know!)

When I thought things were finally getting better...

I met with an ex-boyfriend and we ended up rekindling our relationship and like every beginning of a relationship, he treated me very well, and I thought I had made the right decision. This phase didn’t last long thou.

Fast forward into our relationship things started to get dark when I discovered several lies and betrayals on his part. There were many tears involved, suffering, and the beginning of an abusive relationship that I didn’t want for me. I couldn’t seem to get out of that relationship, every time I tried, he “convinced” me to get back. And this relationship lasted much longer than the previous one.

Manipulations apart and long months, that felt like years, trying to break things off, I was finally free.

I took some time for myself to analyze my life and try to figure out what was in fact missing. After this relationship ended I immersed myself in an even more intense study of the law of attraction, manifestation, the human mind, and the Universe! I read many self-help books and that’s when I decided to go back to the US and start my life over again. I learned that it’s never too late to start over and I wanted to do that back in America. 

My life forever changed, when I decided to change my mindset about relationships!

After reestablishing myself in the US and taking a good time to heal myself and continuing to put into practice everything I learned from all my studies on the human mind and the Universe, I started to see things much more clearly. I began to appreciate myself more, I did lots of journaling and meditation. I worked through my deepest limiting beliefs, finding the root cause of my unsuccessful love life. Got so many breakthroughs. Finally, I was able to analyze and understand all the lessons the Universe had for me. 

Then, and only then, I was able to take full responsibility for all my mistakes, the ones that I later could call – life lessons. I was able to forgive them for what had happened, and I was also able to forgive myself, because only then I could realize that I was the one that had manifested those relationships into my life. That was what my energy could match to at the time. I had compassion, I was understanding and loving towards myself! 

That’s when I decided I wanted to try again. I was feeling great, I was doing much better, I felt healed from my past and I had created this energetic space in my field that I knew was able to hold something much bigger, better and stronger in my life!

That was when I started to apply my techniques to find a boyfriend, but not any guy, this time I knew exactly what I wanted in a guy!

I reprogrammed my subconscious mind, which is the fundamental factor for you to be successful in what you want to attract to you and I was very specific with the Universe.

It took only 6 months for us to get married! (That's right!!)

No, it wasn’t overnight. When you shift your mind, get rid of old beliefs and plug in new and empowering ones, it takes time for your subconscious mind to understand that this is your new truth. The subconscious mind is so used to being in the comfort zone and it resist as much is it can to anything new. But once it’s ingrained that this is what you want from now on, and you are ready for it, that’s when you get to reprogram your subconscious and what you want starts to manifest in your 3D world.

So, for me, after a while of reprogramming my mind, shifting my energy and calling in abundance from all sources into my life, I was finally happy again. That void I had felt in the past was gone, I started to accept myself again for who I truly was/am. And the Universe responded! 

Things started to happen in such a natural way, I met this amazing guy and within only 3 dates he asked me to be his girlfriend, and only 6 months later (that’s right) we were saying I do – surrounded by our families. Today we are very happily married, going into our 4th anniversary.

The Universe fulfilled exactly my request and it was even better than I imagined! Much better! Because the Universe will bring to you what you ask for, or something better, and to me was much better!

My husband tells me that the day we met he already knew that I was the woman of his life, and I felt the same. Coincidence? Certainly not! That was the Universe working its magic! ✨

Today my husband and I have achieved many things together, we’ve manifested our dream home, my husband attracted his dream job, I also have my dream job where I work from the comfort of our home helping my amazing students from all over the world to transform their dreams into pure reality, and so many other amazing things.

I just love this world of the law of attraction and manifestation and I want to help you make all your dreams come true, too!

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