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My online course Powerful Mind was created to teach you step-by-step all the techniques and apply super easy exercises that will transform your life into a reality in which you want to live. Everything that we live we create beforehand in our mind, therefore everything that the mind creates, becomes our reality. If you are living a reality that is far from what you want, then you know that it is time to change your mindset.

I’m sure you must be thinking: “of course I don’t attract everything I’m living, because I would never want this or that for myself”. Well, I am sorry to tell you that this is your biggest mistake and the most common of all. We all live in a culture and society where our limiting beliefs dominate our lives in a very negative way, and we must know how to break all that limitation. My course will teach you exactly how your conscious and subconscious minds work, and what kind of power the subconscious has over us, and of course, how to transform your mind into a highly powerful dream-making machine, that way you will be able to live the reality you’ve always wanted!

Welcome to,

Powerful Mind

A program filled with very important and rich content that every human being needs to know to be able to create the life they desire to live, to have each one of their dreams come true. I will teach you how the human mind works and what makes it the main part of us that controls our entire life.

Along with the information and teachings that I will present to you, I also provide in each module workbooks that will assist you to a complete mental detox so that you can clear your mind and identify what you want before sending new commands to the Universe, and of course how to send the correct commands of what it is that you really want. It may seem silly, but 95% of the time people send the commands of what they don’t want in their lives constantly to their minds, generating a negative repetitive cycle and making the person never reach their true dreams.

Let’s change this reality together, and once and for all, I’m here to hold your hand the entire time, and direct you exactly to where you want to go, taking several shortcuts along the way, so that you can get to your final destination much faster.

An easy-to-understand methodology and techniques that will reprogram your mind!

Many people complain that when they try to study the law of attraction in some way, being that through books, videos, or audios, that the language that many authors and instructors use is very complicated to understand, causing many people to give up along the way. And it was exactly with these people in mind that I created an easy methodology, with a current language, without all the fluff and straight to the point because there’s nothing worse than making people waste their time. My exercises are super easy to perform too, and guaranteed results that you will start seeing in the first module!

Not to mention that my Powerful Mind course is completely online, and can be studied at your own pace. You choose the most convenient times for you! All lessons are available on our online platform for access at any time you wish. Our lessons are taught through video slides, audios, and workbooks that you can print. This intense training will show you exactly the power that your mind has and will lead you to the attraction and manifestation of your dreams!

"I was ready to give up everything, my life was no longer meaningful to me ..."

“I felt like living no longer had any meaning for me, that’s how I can describe how my life was before Powerful Mind. I could no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had an 8-year marriage, and a small son when my ex-husband asked me for a divorce. It was a huge shock for me, I wasn’t expecting it at all. I got into a very hard depression, I couldn’t work, my bills started to pile up, and my son had to spend a lot of time with my mother because I couldn’t be strong enough to take care of him. This course’s changed my life in a way that I didn’t think was even possible. But that’s one of the most important things that Veronica teaches, that everything is possible. She taught me how to find back my peace, taught me how to feel stronger and more capable. I got healed from my depression, and my doctor has officially released me from my medications. I went back to work, and I now can take care of my son the way he deserves, with so much love and affection. I was not only able to have paid my bills but now I have money invested as well. And I can say with all my might that my next manifestation will be a new relationship, one that will last a lifetime! “

Johanna H.

If you are tired of...

Living stuck in a cycle that never seems to end, reliving the same things every year over and over again.

Always being frustrated, because everything in your life goes wrong, or things never happen the way you expect.

Always live in fear. Fear of not having enough money to pay the bills, fear of trying new things, fear of taking a step forward towards your dreams.

Being extremely unmotivated because everything you don’t want to happen to you is exactly what you are experiencing right now.

Being exhausted from working so hard and chasing your dreams and seeing them very distant from you.

...Then guess what?

I have the solution to all of this. We, human beings, have been placed on this planet to be happy, to inspire others, and to be inspired, not to suffer. The Universe is abundant, and everything you need and want exists for you, just as it exists for other people as well. We all have the power to choose what we want to live in our lives, we just need to know how to communicate to the Universe properly for this to happen. You can leave everything behind as of today in your life, everything that made you cry, suffer, and made you unhappy. Remember you are here to smile and live an abundant life full of love and joy.

Here Is The Blueprint to Manifest The Life of Your Dreams!

Module 1

Conscious, Subconscious Minds, and the Universe.

I am going to show you exactly how your conscious and subconscious minds work and how your subconscious mind is the main bridge to get to the Universe. This process will make you understand how it is extremely important to align your minds so you can send the right command to the Universe and be able to manifest what you truly want.

Module 2

Freeing Yourself from Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are more common than we think, most people usually grow up learning from those they trust the wrong things about many aspects, and this affects their lives as a whole. If you are unhappy about your relationships, financial situation, or your health, you may be drowning deep into your limiting beliefs, and freeing yourself from them will result in living the life you dream of.

Module 3

Mental Detox - Ready for Abundance

Just as you need to clean your house or declutter your closet regularly, your mind needs constantly clearing as well. Having a cluttered mind will prevent you from opening your life to receive anything new that needs to come your way. Learn how to give your mind a full detox and be ready for anything.

Module 4

Get Crystal Clear

Do you know what it is that you want? Do you know really?? I know it seems a weird question, but most of the time people think they want something when in fact they want something completely different. I know it’s quite hard to understand, but I bet you are trying to attract what you don’t want in your life right now. I will teach you how to identify your goal and get crystal clear so your message reaches the Universe the way it’s supposed to be.

Module 5

Manifesting Your New Life!

This is where the magic takes place! My proven step-by-step formula to manifest your dreams one by one and start living the life of your dreams! You are the co-creator of your life and everything you wish for is possible.

Magic Bonus!

Especially for You!

You are more than special to me, so I prepared an incredible bonus for you! By purchasing my Powerful Mind course, you will automatically gain access to some of my content from Manifestation Made Easy training! Whaaat? That’s right, you get free masterclasses from me entirely! Insane, isn’t it?

You will have access to:

My powerful step-by-step vision board technique. Turns out people around the world have been doing it wrong all along. In this course, you will learn how to apply the right formula for your dream board and how to visualize everything you want correctly.

Do you use affirmations in your life regularly? Affirmations are amazing when applied correctly. No, you shouldn’t just go out there screaming what you want and that’s it. I will show you exactly how to make your affirmations work for you!

Plus More...

Exactly how I manifested my husband in my life after a divorce and a failed engagement in the past. I thought that love was not a part of my life and that my destiny was to be alone. After realizing that I was drowning in a very deep limiting belief, I was able to unblock myself and change the story of my life. I met my beloved husband and we were married within 6 months of dating. And here we are, stronger than ever, living a life of complete happiness and companionship! I am living proof that yes, it works! And my story of how I “nurtured” all that limiting belief that prevented me from having the relationship of my dreams, might be the same story that you are living at this moment! So come find out how to change this, once and for all!

How to get rid of everything that is blocking you from your financial abundance. How to completely change your current mindset regarding money and enjoy total freedom. Unfortunately, in many cultures around the world, people learn the opposite of what they need about money. Simple statements like: “money does not grow in trees”, and “you have to work very hard to get something in life”, are some examples of what people grow up listening to. Nurturing these negative beliefs in relation to money is much more common than you think, and many people do it constantly, causing more and more scarcity in their life. I will teach you how to reprogram your mind, using super simple exercises and techniques, that will welcome abundance and money into your life to stay forever!



So how much does it cost?

I’ve created this course to help all the people who are ready and willing to change their lives, in a healthy, fast, and very effective way. And thinking about you I decided to facilitate the prices and payment plans especially in times like this. I want this course to be extremely accessible to everyone because my goal is to be able to see the smile on the face of each student of mine, and hear awesome testimonies of victories and successes in the lives of my students!

You can enjoy this powerful course TODAY with a super discount for just a total payment of $397 (original price $597) or take advantage of the payment plan of $59 (plus seven additional monthly payments of $59!). A super low price and flexible payments that will fit in your pocket. So you can start to manifest the life of your dreams starting now!

“This course was a real transformation in my life. I was able to open my eyes to the very limiting belief that was blocking all my dreams from happening. Today I have the power in my hands, and of course, the mental power to accomplish anything in my life! “

Anna T.

“After taking the Powerful Mind course my life started to unfold in such perfect harmony. I’ve had several manifestations since such as the job of my dreams and financial goals. Not to mention that my energy levels increased a lot and I am getting more and more productive each day! “

Vanessa P.

About me, your teacher

Hey, I’m Veronica, I am passionate about the law of attraction, studying the subconscious mind and making all my dreams come true and of course the dreams of my students too!

I’ve been dedicating myself to study the mind and manifestation for over 12 years. I decided to put all my years of research, studies, proven tests, powerful techniques, and exercises on a digital platform to help thousands of people around the world live the reality they want.

I’ve already taught thousands of people through my online courses around the world, and now I want to change your life too! Whenever you are ready, I will be waiting for you on the online platform! – xoxo

Veronica Moore

Read The FAQ

I'm a very busy person, I don't know if I'll be able to follow the lessons.

No need to worry friend, the course is developed in a way that you can take the lessons at your own pace. I want you to be able to take the course at your own convenient time and implement the exercises and techniques that I have for you along the way. So it doesn’t matter if it takes you 5 days or 5 weeks to complete the course.

Are the results guaranteed?

Absolutely! The results are guaranteed, but you will only see the results you want if you take the course until the end, implement all the tips, do the exercises, the strategies, use the tools that I provide. You have to do the work, buying the course, and doing nothing else is not going to get you anywhere. So do your job and you will have great results!

How can I pay for this course?

The original price for this online course is $597, but right now I have a very special limited offer for you! The payment plan is very flexible, and it fits in anyone’s pocket, which is great news!

How long will I have access to the course?

This course is yours to keep, once you make the purchase, you will have it indefinitely. So don’t worry about having to do it quickly. I want you to take it and re-take the course as often as necessary.

Do you offer refunds?

No. I do not offer any type of refund equivalent to the Powerful Mind course. The price is final and with payment plan opportunities. Read this page in full, and evaluate if this is the right course for you before making the purchase.