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From lows to highs

One of the things I teach my students is how to experience what they want today, energetically, with all their emotions and feelings, and not just wait for when they manifest. Well, let me explain to you. For your manifestations to be delivered in your 3D world faster, you need to match the vibrations to your desires. Some people think they need to have their manifestations here to celebrate them, when in reality, if you celebrate them now, they will arrive much quicker.

By doing this you will also automatically be working on improving your limiting beliefs, and you will also be taking action.

If you are living in low vibration and in that same old routine, it will be impossible to manifest those great desires that you have. Because you won’t be producing enough energy towards your desires.

The Universe cannot work with low vibrations, which also comes from negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

You don’t need to get out of your way to make this energetically shift, in fact it is much simpler than you think, and you can start as soon as right now.

Are you ready to radically improve your quality of life starting today?

To help you get started with this plan, I’ve set out 15 simple ways to start changing your negative frequency, to a positive one, to elevate your mood, give a boost in your life, improve your self- esteem and vibrations!

#Number 1

Put on your favorite music, move the furniture away, and dance, jump, run from side to side… do whatever feels right! Let go of any negativity and steam by dancing while you have a great smile on your face! Feel your body releasing all the unwanted energy and picking up all the good and positive feelings that this dancing is filling you up with. Your natural state of joy will begin to flow in no time!

#Number 2

Read at least 20 pages of a book that inspires you, or a new book that you have been talking about for days, maybe months! Reading is healing, it makes you travel to beautiful places. You could also ready personal development books that will help your mind and body as well, this is always my go-to. If you don’t like reading, give yourself a try, instead of 20 pages, do less like 5 or 10 pages a day and increase as you go. I didn’t use to like reading in the past, but now it is one of my favorite things to do. I relax and learn at the same time! 

#Number 3

Write your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Journaling doesn’t always have to be about the things you want to manifest only. Writing about your thoughts and feelings allow you to express yourself, and let go of your frustrations, fears, insecurities, and concerns. You know when you call a friend to vent about somethings that is bothering you? It’s the same thing, but instead you can be as raw as you can here, you can say everything that you feel like, in can vent in a deeper level, because only you will have access to that, so sharing your deepest secrets to your journal will help you heal, and feel a lot better about yourself. Writing it all out will also make room for love, new feelings and also new things in your life! In addition to helping clear your mind.

#Number 4

Laugh out loud! Laughter makes you release good hormones, which will help you live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. Have you heard that laughter is the best medicine? Make this a wonderful priority in your life, and do it more often. What makes you laugh? A good, funny movie? A video or clip on YouTube? Talking to your best friend/siblings/parents? Whatever it is, you need at least one good and amazing laugh a day!

#Number 5

Tell someone how much you love them! We all need love, and we also have to take the initiative in giving a lot of love so that we receive much more in return! Love is never enough, if there is a feeling that we can always multiply is love! Oftentimes we are so busy with our daily lives that we forget the simple things in life. LOVE! It takes only one step, and you can be the one to take that step. Show how much you love someone special today. 

#Number 6

Do an act of kindness, it can be small or big, it does not matter. Donate anything you can to those in need, or buy coffee for a stranger, just to give you some ideas. Be that person who makes a difference in the world, doing that, you will inspire others to do the same!

#Number 7

Forgive someone who needs your forgiveness! Did you know that holding on to someone based on hurt and spite takes up a huge energetic space within your field, heart and mind? Forgiving that person, and letting them go, sending them love instead of rage, will open up a significant space in your life, allowing other good things to happen in your life! I know forgiving could be difficult for some people, and full forgiveness can take some time to be fully processed. But if you start now working on that, going up one step at the time, soon you will have gone up the whole ladder and your mind and body will definitely feel all this change. Your outside world will also, because forgiving opens up space for your manifestations to get to you.

#Number 8

Learn something new, invest in yourself, it can be a financial investment or time investment as well. What have you been saying you want to learn or do recently? It can be a musical instrument or a new language. Enroll in a course, expand your wisdom, give yourself new opportunities to learn new skills! This will do you a lot of good! When you invest in yourself the Universe take this massive action you took very seriously and it will start shifting and moving things around to manifest more magic in your life.

#Number 9

Compliment someone today! When was the last time you randomly complimented someone? Spread some positivity and watch the smile this person will have on their face! It’s so rewarding to see someone happy!

#Number 10

Write every morning or night in your journal at least 3 things you are extremely grateful for! Also known as gratitude journal. But don’t just write them down, feel how grateful you are inside for that, and also write down why you are grateful for that, and exercise this feeling. When you are grateful your heart expands, and your vibrations shift like instantaneously! If you don’t know where to start, then start by little things, like being thankful for the air you breath, or the blessings to be able to see the flowers and the sky everyday. Soon you will realize that you have endless things and reasons to be thankful for!

#Number 11

Meditate. When was the last time you spent some quality time with only yourself? Give yourself 10 minutes a day of your time to you! 10 minutes for you to take a deep breath, keep your mind clear, and reduce your stress level! Meditating is awesome, and it doesn’t have to be any specific or guided meditation, no. Just put on some relaxing music, take a few deep breaths, try not thinking about anything that could ruin your moment, think only about love, compassion, blessings… things that make you feel good and give you reasons to smile.

#Number 12

Say at least 10 affirmations aloud everyday. Affirm to yourself how amazing and strong you are. How smart and successful you are. Take this time to empower your identity, think of the person you are becoming or want to become, bring this new you to a new level. Think of what next level you would love to say, do, be and have. Make affirmations around that. You can also make statements for your next manifestations. What do you want? Amazing health? More money? More love? Write down your own statements according to your goals and say them out loud at least once a day. And remember to embrace the feelings and emotions these things you are affirming brings to you, and maximize these feelings to match your desires.

#Number 13

Do some type of exercise, even if it’s 20 min a day. Take a walk, or take your dog for a walk in the park, if you have one, do yoga, a kickboxing DVD, Zumba on YouTube, whatever works best for you! Move your energy around, recycle your energy daily.

#Number 14

Eliminate any toxic person that is present in your life. I think we all go through this at least once. If there is a person who does not add anything in your life and does not give and receive love from you, they do not need to be in your life. Let them go and be firm in your decision. A toxic person only serves to suck your energy and lower your vibration, which keeps you from manifesting your desires. You will see the difference it will make in your life once you let them go. Free yourself today, and you will notice how beautiful your life is going to be from now on.

#Number 15

Start listening to your intuition – we all have it, but we don’t always pay attention to it. Our intuition always knows what is best for us, you can be freed from many future mistakes. When we start to declutter ourselves, do more inner work, forgiving, loving ourselves more, we activate this part that lives within us that is asleep, which is our intuition. Once you let your intuition flower again inside you, you will be able to make better decisions and take so many inspired actions with so much more ease. Listen to yourself, to your heart, to your intuition! The Universe always has your back and knows what is best for you!

And Remember – You already own an abundant source of potential  and light inside you!


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