The Mistake 99.9% of People Make When They Want to Manifest Their Dreams.

Everything you talk about has power and may be attracting things you don’t want into your life. You may be asking yourself, but what do you mean? I’ll explain it to you.
It is very common for people to make mistakes on a daily basis and talk about and refer to the things they don’t want without realizing it, and that interferes in their minds and in achieving their goals.

Have you ever paid attention to how many times you say you want exactly something you don’t want? Confusing right? For example, I don’t want to work too far from my home, in this case, you are saying that you DO NOT want to, but then what do you really want? – You want to have a job close to your home.
This simple sentence: ‘I want to work nearby’ makes a huge difference in the way your mind will communicate to the Universe so that you can get a job closer to home.
It is super important to change the concepts of our sentences so that they are in harmony with what we want to achieve.

We always use the word “no” thinking that we are saying “yes” all the time, this is a very common habit worldwide. So my tip today is that you pay much more attention every time you say something you want and if you notice that you said the word ‘no’, quickly change your sentence because our subconscious mind does not register the word NO.
Every time you make a sentence take the “no” out of that sentence and this will be the reality that you will be attracting because this is the command that you will give your mind.

If you tell someone you don’t want them to call you, take the word “no” out of that sentence, what’s left? – I want you to call me. So you can be sure that this person will continue to call you, and what will happen? You will be annoyed that they keep doing something you don’t want. For that not to happen you have to tell the person just what you want, for example, – Stop calling me.

Our mind is very obedient and will understand and obey every command we give. How many times have you hidden an object and said: I will hide it very well so that no one finds it. After some time you need this object and you search all over your house for it and can’t find it. But remember that the order was exactly that nobody would find it, and you are also part of that “nobody”.

How to solve this problem

Every negative phrase that we attribute saying that we want something and in reality, we are saying that we do not want, we send this order to our minds of what we do not want, and we are attracting exactly the opposite to our reality. Many times we don’t even realize it but we are constantly saying and sending a contrary order. We have to pay close attention to what we say for this to be formulated in a positive way and if not, correct it quickly. Forget what you don’t want, and always refer only to the things you want.

You can practice with a very simple exercise, on a sheet of paper list all the things you don’t want at this moment, in your life, it can be related to a job, relationship, or something else that you want to manifest for yourself. Make two columns, the “I don’t want” column and the “I want” column, transforming each sentence into an affirmative, let’s see an example below:

I do not want

I don’t want to work far away from home.
I don’t want an annoying boss.
I don’t want to make a low income.

I don’t want a jealous boyfriend.
I don’t want to be betrayed.
I don’t want to fall in love with a liar.

Transform each of the sentences using exactly what you want, let’s see how they would look:

I want

I want a job close to home.
I want a cool boss.
I want to make a lot of money.

I want a boyfriend who trusts me.
I want a faithful companion.
I fall in love with a truthful person.

Do you see the change? When you say a negative sentence: I don’t want to earn a low income, automatically your emotions are attached to this sentence and you start to release the negative energies that are related to this desire, just talking about earning little you can have a brief feeling that you will not be able to pay your bills, you will not be able to go out for fun or take a trip per year. It is inevitable not to associate these feelings when you say that sentence.

Now when you say, I want to earn a lot of money, what are the feelings that come to you just by saying this sentence? I will buy everything I want, I will pay all my bills, I will do much more than I do with my current job. You feel so good the moment you think about earning more.

Remember that we are pure energy, and we will exhale and attract exactly what we send to the Universe. So be sure that you are sending the right energies so that you can manifest exactly what you want in your life. Deal??