The Three Universal Truths

These are the three truths of this magnificent mental power that you need to know to start aligning yourself. Your mind is connected to the whole Universe and this is the main key of our full potential to create a powerful internal and external manifesting force.
Of course, there are many more truths about the Universe besides these three that we will talk about, but with these, we can already start to activate our minds and align them to be able to achieve goals and take an incredible life turn fr the better.

The First Truth

The most powerful Universal truth is that the Universe is immensely abundant, whatever you want you can manifest. This truth needs to erupt within yourself with very great certainty. From the moment you vibrate and tune in the same way as the astral world, you create a connection, and the moment you make this connection for your life, everything that is in the abundance of the Universe is also in you.

And I’m not the only one who says this, there are some statements from Jesus that He speaks to people of this great power and He always said: ‘Whatever I do, you or anyone can do’, ‘Ask and you will be given’, ‘ Seek and you will find ‘,’ Knock on the doors and it will open’. He was talking about this law of abundance in the Universe. So ask, put in your mind exactly what you want to, search within yourself in all your mental files, your memories, search within yourself for the connection with everything you want, put it in your mind and it will be given to you.

Let’s “knock” on our mental door so that it can open and shower us with possibilities. You just need to knock correctly, using the right tools and of course, knock on the right door that it will open. But you have to know what you want, and if your body is united with the Universe it will manifest.

The Second Truth

Your mind creates your reality, and when we say that, we are referring to our beliefs. Everything we believe is manifested through our beliefs, we need to have this strength to distinguish whether they are positive or negative. If they are negative we manifest things in a negative way, but if they are positive and if we are fully convinced of what we really want, it happens.

In a verse from Jesus, He said: ‘Your faith has healed you’. Every time someone wanted something from Jesus, He asked: what do you want? There is a passage where this blind man wanted to see, and Jesus said, ‘Do you think I can make you see?’ The blind man replied: ‘Yes, I know you can make me see’, Jesus’ answer was: ‘Your faith has healed you’, and the person saw again. At no time did Jesus say: ‘I healed you’.
Faith, belief, and conviction to be able to “see” again open the doors of the mind to receive healing, the abundance of the Universe, and to manifest any desire.

What do you want? Do you believe in your desire? Do you believe it is possible? It is not enough for us to say that we want something, we must first believe that it is possible to achieve it, doubt generates an incongruity in the minds that totally breaks this Universal fluidity.
So we must have no doubts, when we say that we want something but right after there’s a thought of: ‘will it really be possible for me?’, those doubts weakens everything, and when you don’t generate enough energy there is no way your desire will become real.
Think about the new job, the boyfriend of your dreams, or whatever it is that you may want and answer me: is it possible? Or have you already settled into negativism? You are the only one that can change things around.

The Third Truth

Find harmonization to accomplish manifestations. When I talk about harmonization, I mean our minds, you need to be in harmony with yourself and with what you say you want, with what you feel about this goal, and even whether this desire is possible or not is also a congruence.
The mind is in charge to put you in the flow with what you want to manifest when people are not harmonized with what they say they want, there is always that hint of doubt and distrust, for example, you think you want something but it didn’t happen to any person in your family or someone you know, as proof that it is really possible, all this usually generates a mismatch of harmonization and fluidity.

It is extremely important to have your mind fixed on what you want, to believe that you are capable of anything, don’t care what others may say, and as absurd as your desire may seem, it will manifest, trust me. It is also very important to assume all the responsibility that comes with what you want to accomplish, which is part of Universal law.

I want you to feel your body as if it were a large cell that pulsates at the same frequency as the astral and the more connected you are with the cosmos, in this fluidity, the greater the manifestation of what your body is pulsating.
And for that, you need to enter into this synchronicity with the universal laws to make this harmonization.

If we want to take a step forward we usually have to leave something behind, we have to leave things that no longer serve us behind to create more space for the new to manifest.