The Universe always knows

The Universe always knows what you want, is always picking up your energy!

The Universe listens to you, all the time, 24/7, and no, it’s not doing that by understanding your words, it “listens” to you through your feelings and emotions! 

You wanted something, and you let it out.

The Universe picked that up, it sensed your energy. Do you realize how important this is? Maybe not yet, so let’s break this up for you!

Let’s say you want a car, and this is your request, you asked the Universe for a car! You remembered to be very specific about it: year, color, interior… everything you remembered to add. 

That is great! Amazing.

You visualized. You clearly saw yourself holding tight on that steering wheel. You visualized yourself going on that amazing road trip in your new car. 

You had the feelings, emotions and all the sensations this brand new, amazing car brings to you. You felt the happiest, you could smell that new car smell, you felt the steering wheel on your hands…

Now what?

All well and perfect… But now what? what should I do next? 

Well, I have to tell you that the action you take next is what is going to define if you are going to manifest this dream car of yours. 

How do you feel afterwards? Do you keep focusing on how amazing you feel, and I say “feel” in the present tense, as if you already had this car and were about to take it for a drive? Or do you focus on the lack of it? Frustrated and upset because you still don’t have this car. Visualizing it is good and all, but when you realize how your current life is and know and feel this car isn’t here yet, and you have no idea how you could bring this car to life, right in front of you, you can’t help but feeling frustrated and upset. 

If you do the first thing I mentioned and keep the good feelings and emotions alive inside you, and act as if you already had this dream car, then guess what, when you least expect it, this car will be manifested right on your driveway.

If you lean towards more the second one, and feel frustrated because you still don’t have it, and don’t know what to do to make this happen for you, and then feel so upset because other people are able to manifest but you… This is what you are sending the Universe, and the Universe will continue to “listen” to your emotions… do you think this kind of feelings and energy match the energy of your desire?

The Universe is always “listening” to you. The Universe always knows…

If you think you can hide your emotions and feelings, and you can bypass anything you want and still manifest your wish, then I have to tell you, your feelings and emotions never lie! 

If deep inside you think it’s not possible, then that is what you are going to manifest in the end. The lack of it.

Energy, Energy!

That is why you need to keep the good vibe going, you are doing everything right, you don’t want to mess it up right at the end, right when your dream is picking up form and is becoming ready to manifest! 

You have to watch yourself, and continue to take the right action. 

I wanted to give you this friendly reminder! Please don’t sabotage yourself!

As I said in the beginning of this post, the universe always knows and is always picking up your energy. 

If you sabotage yourself and think only about the lack of this car, then that’s what you are manifesting. The lack.

Now, it’s very important to state that life happens, it doesn’t stop for you to manifest, things happen as you progress with your manifestations. You are not going to be high vibe 24/7. This is almost impossible. And if something bad happens that makes you vibrate low for a while, does it mean you are not going to be able to manifest your desire? Of course not!!! 

When life throws you surprises, and I mean the not so kind ones, you should definitely process the moment, what happened, how that makes you feel, and go through the whole feeling that this might bring you. There’s no way at all that you are going to be positive all the time, you are human, and you are allowed to feel negative emotions and go through bad experiences every now and then. 

What you cannot do at all is to stay in those vibrations for what it seems to be forever! Take some time to understand your feelings, to analyze the situation, to realize what lessons you’ve learned from it, and let it go! Marinade yourself in negative emotions will stagnant your energy, and remember you need it to flow, your energy needs to keep moving. 

If you manage to go through bad experiences, after they are gone, go back to your manifestations, restart your process! Realign and reconnect with your purpose and your desires!

The Universe always knows and it will understand you still want what you desired before, because you will be realigning yourself to it again.

The key here is to never give up!


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