What makes a successful person different

We have already talked about the importance of vibrational frequency in here before, remember when you have to vibrate the same energy frequency as your desire in order to manifest it, but today I want to go a little deeper so that you can work on the necessary behavior to create prosperity in your life now.

Let’s do it!

Behavior # 1 - Wish

Wishing is the initial step for anyone to become prosperous and to align their life in abundance. You have to want to have a better, more comfortable, safer, and more resourceful life.

You have to wish with all your heart that you can do more for your parents, children, grandparents, family or specially yourself.

Desire is the initial energy that shapes prosperity, although this force is powerful, it is only potential …

Imagine a seed, it has the potential to become a strong, huge tree, with roots stuck deep in the ground and with very tall branches and leaves. But it is a potential seed, it is not yet a tree, if it remains alone in your mind, it will never become a tree … you need to plant it in fertile soil.

Behavior # 2 - Take Action

All wealthy and affluent people do not have the same fears and doubts you may have, because they have already created a powerful belief system that in addition to increasing confidence, gives them the emotional support they need. But they all go into action! Taking action is manifesting things … We live in a world where thoughts, emotions, and energies affect us internally and with action, we are able to manifest them.

So, if they think of doing something that will help them, they channel the energies of planning and dreams, strengthened by powerful beliefs and manifest them through action.

ALL prosperous people act when they find a good opportunity instead of just sit there dreaming. They act based on the right vibrational energy, which increases the chance of success by 10, 20, 50, 100 times!

Behavior # 3 - Support of the Correct Vibrational Pattern

A person who wants and takes action, but does not have the right vibrational pattern, will easily fall into the first difficulty (and sometimes cannot get up). Or you will have prosperity for some time and at a certain moment you end up losing everything.

Prosperity is energy inflow … And flow is movement.

Then the right vibrational pattern will help you to enter and stay in this flow and movement, both in peace and storms.

If you imagine the flow of prosperity as a river, DESIRE is to enter the river, ACTION is to be willing to navigate this river and VIBRATION is the Boat you use to navigate.

The more aligned and powerful your vibration is, the faster and safer you navigate. The more misaligned it is, the more little holes are in your boat and instead of you gaining speed, you will spend all the time preventing your boat from sinking. And everyone who is and remains prosperous knows how to navigate calm waters and stormy waters.

Putting everything together

 YOU NEED the right VIBRATIONAL STANDARD, DESIRE, and ACTION to be a successful person!

If you want to become successful and abundant, start by taking action today! What action or actions do you need to take in order to manifest your dreams?

Grab a pen and paper and start making notes now, what goals do you want to achieve? What can you start doing today to reach these goals? How do you envision this end result to be? You have to make that wish, take those actions, enter in perfect alignment with your wish, envision that end result and celebrate your successful winnings!! 

Only you know the next important steps you need to take towards your dreams!

I am here to support you however you need! 🙂

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