You have the right to be rich

My friend, did you know you have the right to be rich?

Everyone has the power to attract anything to their life including abundance and prosperity. It is your birthright. As it is your birthright to be anything you want, to do anything you want and to have anything you want.

Money is not a reliable resource for a lot of people out there, just because they programmed themselves to be that way, they have no idea that they were born with this potential to be, have and do anything they wish in life. They have long been disconnected from source and can’t seem to reconnect this true potential back on. And if they choose to not do anything about it, don’t try to re-learn, to apply and practice the things they were born with, they will continue to live an unpleasant life and also continue on hating money. 

Money oftentimes is related to pure evil, and I am sure you have heard that before, or perhaps you may even think that way too. But why is that?

It is simply a bad limiting belief people want to nurture about money because they don’t have it, and can’t seem to find a way of having it. So it is much easier to say that something they can’t have is evil or wrong. It feels like a comforting statement. I can’t have it, therefore, it’s not good. 

How many times have you caught yourself thinking that something you can’t have isn’t good, just so you won’t feel bad about it? This is such a common lie we keep telling ourselves, right?

I’ve already told you before, right here on the blog and on other different content I have scattered throughout the internet – everything in this world is made of energy. Money is nothing but pure energy. That is one thing you must remember every time, because it is crucial that you know that, so you can make it work for you and not against you.

Remember, you are vibrating energy all day long and what you vibrate comes back to you. Like attracts like. And if you believe money is evil, you are automatic repelling money from your physical world.

The power of Evil!

Evil is something you don’t want near you, because it’s bad, it’s wrong. That is how your subconscious mind associates with this strong thought that you have turned into a strong limiting belief. If it’s bad, if it’s wrong, if it’s evil, then I don’t want it near me. Isn’t that right?

If you hold on to this strong belief around money, then I want you to know that money will not be part of your reality. It’s always going to be scarce. Your bank account will most likely be in the negatives all the time, which will lead you to complain about it, which will lead you to experience less and less of it. You will live pure madness and miserably.

Do you see how things add up? The more you nurture this belief and feelings around money, the stronger you are making it be. And the manifestation sign you are sending the Universe is that you want less and less of it in your life. The further it is from you the better. 

Your subconscious mind is expert in taking orders and following rules. That is one of the many characteristics from the subconscious mind. It also likes to keep you in the comfort zone, God forbids you change your mind, so it will keep sending the Universe more and more of the same information so the Universe can manifest more of unpleasant situation regarding money.  

Turn evil into good!

I want you to know that you can have the amount of money you want, and you have the power to manifest that, in fact you deserve to attract every single dollar you believe is right for you. This number is different for everybody and you don’t have to feel ashamed by whatever amount you have been dreaming for a while. The universe is abundant, it’s unlimited and it will manifest whatever you want, as long as you believe it.

If you have been wanting 1 million dollars or 5 millions of dollars and feel ashamed by it, or feel like that in order for you to have this amount someone else will get less, then you can stop right there. It is your right to have the 5M as it is the same right for your neighbor to manifest 10M or 100M. You don’t have to worry about anyone else, think only about what you want to manifest and what feels good to you. The same way you have the right to be rich, everyone else in this world also has the same rights. 

I invite you to change your mindset about money starting right now! Who told you money is evil?? In fact, money is magical, money is love, money is possible, money is unlimited! 

You are magical, you are love and everything is possible for you, just because you can, just because you are deserving!

There’s so much money in the world to go around, you won’t make anyone less richer if you get some. The universe is unlimited so is money and so is you! 

You won’t change your mindset overnight, it’s not how it works, you need some time to convince your subconscious mind that you are now comfortable thinking that money is good and you deserve to have as much as you want in your life. But you have to start now, no more delaying, the more you wait, the more you push money away from you. 

Start by making positive and loving money affirmations like:

– I love money and money loves me. – Money flows in my life easily. – Money comes to me from expected and unexpected ways. – I am deserving of money. – I was born to be rich. – I attract money everyday. – Money follows me everywhere I go. – I get opportunities to make money everyday. 

As you make your positive affirmations to attract money into your life, believe 100% in all these affirmations, trust the Universe is starting to move things around in your favor. It will take some time, but if you are consistent in your affirmations, feelings and emotions around money, then money will slowly start to show up more and more in your life, solidifying these thoughts and beliefs even more, and neutralizing all bad beliefs about money you had in the past. 

How much money do you want to manifest?

Think of this special number you have in mind, if you are not quite comfortable yet with the big numbers you may have in mind, then start slow, start with a smaller number and increase this number as you feel stronger about it, as you feel more powerful about it. You HAVE to believe you can have it, feel that amount in your hands, visualize it in your bank account and energetically spending it with the things you want! Nurture this feeling, these vibrations. Write this amount in a blank check, put it somewhere you can see it all the time! Believe and trust the Universe!! Trust this money is ALREADY yours.

I have a magic check you can print out right here!

Have fun, my dear friend!! You deserve to be rich! Always! 

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