I'm Veronica Moore

Obsessed with helping and teaching people around the world manifest their dreams, improve their lives, and live the reality that they actually want!

Everything in my life changed when I came across the book “The Secret”. I read that book a dozen times and I became fascinated! That was the first time I had learned that my current reality was a reflex of my thoughts and actions and that I have in my hands the roadmap to take me wherever I want!

Back then, more than 17 years ago, when the book became a success, I was already living parts of my dream reality that I had manifested into my life without even knowing. When I was 18 I left my home country and was living in the US, exactly what I had always wanted. That was my first confirmation that all this actually made sense because I had done it.

As I started to experiment my new life in the US, I left the book behind for a bit and worked on getting to know new people and became more adventurous, after all, everything was brand new to me, I didn’t speak the language and was learning a whole new culture. That was when I fell romantically in love with someone for the first time and later on I discovered it had been my most precious life lessons ever!

He was the exact reason why I started studying more about the law of attraction. I began to dig deeper and deeper into this material, buying a lot of contents like books, courses, and audios, after all, I was determined to manifest that relationship into my life, once and for all!

Thanks to this episode I started to discover much more than I could ever imagine about the law of attraction and manifestation. I even found out that the book “The Secret” was not in fact as powerful as many people think and as I thought too. There’s so much more behind this knowledge and I was eager to learn more and more.

That’s when I stumbled across an intensive study about the human mind and what that results in the Universe. We all need much more than what that book teaches in order to manifest exactly what we want, and even better in a much quicker and effective way!

Everything started to become much clearer in my life from that moment on. The reason why I wasn’t able to have my dream relationship, why I was always struggling financially, why everything that was happening to me was exactly what I Didn’t want. Only after an intensive training between my conscious and subconscious mind I was able to find out what techniques, strategies, and tools were the right ones to grant me the perfect success that I so desperately wished for.

So many different cultures around the world hold on tight to limiting beliefs, people are born and grow up believing in things they are not supposed to. Parents teach their kids what they had been previously taught by their own parents and that ends up being a repetitive, vicious, and negative cycle.

My mission in this world is to help everyone who’s ready and want to change and improve their lives. I want them to manifest their dream life, no matter what that dream is about, it could be a new house, a car, a business, a financial goal, spiritual growth, trauma healing, perfect health, an amazing relationship! We can achieve absolutely everything just by aligning our minds and the Universe.

I have so much more from my own story to tell, and I do that through my emails, my free resources, and of course, my step-by-step programs of how I got here and made everything possible. If you are asking yourself about some of the most powerful things I have manifested into my life, some include:

My husband, whom I got married after only 6 short months of dating. We have the relationship that I have always dreamed about, full of love, happiness, and companionship. This was only possible after unblocking and transforming my limiting beliefs and reprograming my subconscious mind. Breaking this repetitive cycle is not hard at all. When you stop attracting the wrong relationships into your life, for example, and start a new cycle in your life, you end up naturally attracting many other amazing things to you, just by changing your vibrations. You can manifest many other things by achieving just one! Exactly, you read this right!

The house we live in and the cars we drive. My online business, where I help and teach people around the world how to become master manifestors, are some of my manifestations. A lottery prize of $100k using a magic check (I know you’re asking how, take a look by clicking on this Link). Our annual financial goals. Amazing vacations and much, much more! I invite you to dive into my fascinating world and start manifesting your dream life on auto-pilot, just like me!

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