About Me

Hey There!

 I’m Veronica

I am a small town girl with big dreams! – and I mean BIG!  I am passionate about the online world. I was very determined to change my life around and my work routine. My dream had always been to work from home with something I loved. I was so tired of the long hours away from home, 13 hours to be exact that included 3 just spent in traffic. I hated not having enough time during the week for myself, time to spend with my family and my puppy, I just really needed a big change!

Before I launched my website, I did a lot of research and I developed some great strategies to increase my blog/website traffic. After people start noticing me I began working on my blog with even greater purpose, my goal was to be able to quit my full-time job and only dedicate myself to my online business.  I then created my online courses and they are now my main source of income, my first year alone I was able to cash in a full-time income and it is still growing intensively. I do work from the comfort of my home, I do the hours I desire and I absolutely LOVE it!!

On this page, I share with you all my knowledge and top-secret strategies so you can also achieve your financial freedom and live the kind of life you have always dreamed of!

Apart from being obsessed with online business I am also very involved with law of attraction and studying the human mind! I have done a deep study about how powerful our mind is and how we can attract anything we want by aligning it. This is another subject I love to talk about, and I am preparing a very special online course about it, I am sure you are going to absolutely love it! And I can not wait to show you how a powerful mind is very important when doing business! We are capable of absolutely anything! 

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I had been craving quality of life for the longest time ever! Now that I have finally achieved it, feels like a dream come true!! I love spending time with my family, taking my puppy for walks, and also taking long soak baths and long naps! 

I love the fact I can work from anywhere and at any time I desire! What do you love?

Veronica Moore