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Manifestation/Law of Attraction

Manifesting something is when you put all your energy and focus on what you want. It’s matching your energy with your wish so it becomes real in your physical reality. It sounds like magic, doesn’t it? And you know what? It is. Because the Universe is pure magic and full of limitless resources for you to manifest whatever it is that you want into your reality! To manifest something, you need to use super easy techniques that will help you get to your wish faster. I am going to tell you a secret, every human being in this world use the power of manifestation daily, even without knowing how it actually works. Unfortunately what these people do is to manifest exactly what they DON’T want into their life. I want you to stop for a second and think: are you living the life that you’ve always wanted or exactly the opposite of what you’ve always dream of? Usually when I ask my students that same question they always reply back with a negative statement. But there’s a solution for everything, you can reverse what’s happening to you now, it’s never too late, you must shift your mindset, pay very close attention to your vibrations, actions, words, thoughts and visualizations. Don’t worry, we are going to do this together here, every step of the way, aren’t you excited??!!

Absolutely NOT. You can practice any religion and still master all about manifestation and Universal laws. One thing does not affect the other at all. In fact, you can use manifestation to boost your religion, and in a sense, every religion is tied to manifestation.

Oh my friend, you not only can, you MUST, if this is one of your manifestation priorities! I’ve manifested my husband a few years ago. I created a list of everything I wished in a partner, used all the techniques I teach around that wish, and in less than 3 months I met him and 6 months later we were saying “I Do”. Everybody in this planet deserve to be with that person they consider to be the “right” one, live a healthy and dreamy relationship and be happily ever after. I tell/teach all my students step-by-step of how I’ve manifested love in my life and how you can find yours too!

The truth is yes, you can. However the relationship will only work if it’s for the highest good for the both of you. Manifesting a specific person is one thing, keeping a healthy, aligned and happy relationship with the same is another. A forced relationship has little chances to survive. When you try to force someone into your life you will automatically mess up with their free will. You have to remember that everyone has their own free will to do anything they desire, and you should not interfere, because there would always be consequences. For an instance, think of you sending off certain vibrations and your “partner” emanating complete opposite vibrations from you. Do you think there would be any harmony in your home? This would generate a huge conflict between you two. For a relationship to work “perfectly” you both must be an energetically match, in other words, on the exact same page. Usually when someone asks me about manifesting a specific person, they are thinking about an ex, and I want you to remember that you will never be able to change your ex or any specific person for that matter to match your energy, simply because you are not in charge of their vibrations, this is impossible, therefore you won’t be energetically in match with each other. That is why I advise everyone to manifest a specific person to their life that being a specific personality or trait of a dreamy partner, and not only that, you can include everything you want this person to be, do and have. Now, that will always work, because the Universe always works its own way to find that specific person who is in the same energetic level as you.

People are always asking me: “Can I manifest a new car?”. “What about more money?”. “Can I manifest my dream school or job?”. “Can I manifest my dream home or perfect health?”. And the answer for whatever your “X” is, is simply a YES! That is correct, you can manifest whatever you want without any restrictions whatsoever! The only rule for manifestation is: being a vibrational match to whatever you wish for. Once you learn how to master the techniques, you can attract everything you want and have always dreamed of on auto-pilot.

Limiting beliefs are fixed ideas ingrained in our subconscious mind that drive our life. A limiting belief is something negative that you believe to be true and lives so vividly inside you. Usually they are something that have been taught to you by someone you trust, like a parent, grandparents, teachers or someone who has/had some sort of power over you. They can also be developed by yourself in your adult life. A limiting belief blocks you from living your dream life. Deep inside you want to live a certain life but because of your limiting beliefs you live the opposite  of everything you really want. Some examples of limiting beliefs are: I don’t have money. I was born poor and will die poor. Only powerful people have good opportunities. I am not lucky. I was born to be single. I was born to suffer. I am never going to find the love of my life. I am never going to be able to buy “X”. And so much more.

Limiting beliefs show up in different ways sometimes. Some of them are very obvious and you know they have been stuck to you for quite some time already, while others can occur throughout your life with new things you “learn” along the way. When you think about your big dreams, desires and goals how do they make you feel? You need to observe and pay extra attention to what your feelings are telling you. When a negative one emerges then you know it’s time to dedicate and find out where it is coming from exactly, that way you can transmute it into something positive to shift your energy so it can be a match to your wish. One thing I love to suggest is to make a list of everything negative going on in your life, and find the root cause of them, after that transform each one of them into a positive event in your life. For example: I am sad. But Why am I sad? Because I hate my job. So finding another job will shift that negative energy and make you feel happier and fulfilled. So your action here is: go after a new job that will bring you more pleasure. Sometimes when doing this exercise you can heal so much more than you expect, try going as deep as you can questioning yourself about your feelings and emotions. 

Your deep limiting beliefs are controlled exclusively by your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is capable of storing millions of information a day. And for you to transform it you must reprogram it. You first need to be absolute positive  you want to do it, and then you need to dedicate yourself and have lots of patience, as it takes time and effort. Unfortunately, there isn’t a delete button that we could hit to make our subconscious mind be reprogramed instantly. You need to have a serious talk to yourself to understand what you truly want and that way be able to plug in new, positive and constructive beliefs to take over your negative and old ones. That way you can live a better life full of joy. Try focusing on the homework I taught on the previous question, and go as deep as you possibly can, force your mind to reveal all the negative and nonsense beliefs you have and pull them all from the root, remembering to always plug in something else that will make you thrive. 

The Universe will always give to you what you are READY to receive. It’s that simple. Maybe you are manifesting something that is huge, and there’s no problem at all with that, as I said here before you have the freedom to manifest everything you wish for. However you could be sending the Universe a contradictory feeling about this wish you so want, and that is delaying everything (if this is happening take a closer look at your limiting beliefs, they will tell you if you are not energetically matched to your wish). You have to remember that any kind of doubt or negative emotion, it doesn’t matter how small it is, will make the Universe take a step back and understand that you are not yet ready to receive. Manifesting something big could make you feel a bit scared, and even if you are telling yourself that you are in fact ready you have to remember that words by themselves are not as powerful as feelings and emotions to the Universe. They have to be in perfect match. If you are doubting or scared, my advise for you is to go down a step and manifest something that is more realistic, so to speak, to you right now, for example, instead of starting to manifest 100k for the first time, try starting with a 10 or 20k first, and then go up the ladder little by little, until you are feeling more confident and believe it to be 100% possible.

Let me tell you something really important: we human beings visualize all the time, without even noticing! Think of a book that you’ve read and really liked, while you were reading each page of that magnificent story what were you doing simultaneously? Probably imagining everything was said the characters were doing. Something else you could do is think of someone that told you about a place they’ve visited, it could be a store, a restaurant or even a vacation they went to, while this person describes to you how this place looks like, smells like… what was your mind doing that very moment? Trying to picture how this place could be like. This is visualizing. Now, a visualization won’t be the same for everyone, some people could see, smell or experience things differently, and that is perfectly fine. The key is to always practice, the more the better you get.

This is a golden rule about manifestation, you should never cling yourself to the “HOW” something will happen to you, and I know this is a very difficult task to practice, especially if you are in the beginning of this journey. You have to know that it is your job to know exactly what you want, why you say you want this, and even when approximately that will happen, but the HOW is not your job. When you start to worry about that you shift your energy and the Universe pushes you further from your wish. Think about that, the same exact minute the ‘how’ is trying to surface in your mind, think you will delay and mess everything up and just stop! It’s super important to exercise your patience at this stage of your manifestation process, you have to learn to control yourself and most importantly trust that the Universe has your back. It is only going to do what it needs to be done to deliver that wish to you, you gotta trust. I go much deeper about this subject in my courses to help you succeed in all of your manifestations. 

This is another popular question I receive all the time! Unfortunately this fascinating manifestation journey isn’t for everybody. There are so many people out there that still don’t believe how powerful the human mind is. The rule here is very simple, do not tell anyone about what you wish to manifest. Keep them all to yourself until they have come true, that’s when you can scream to the world how happy you are now that your life’s transformed. That way you wouldn’t be trying to convince them that it exists, you’ll be showing them. The fear of being judged by others blocks everything in your life especially your wish to manifest. So instead of thinking ‘what will she/he think about that?’, think that you will be living proof of how it works, and save your energy, vibrations and feelings exclusively to your manifestation process.

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